Friday, April 17, 2009


Dress Ann Taylor loft
Cami Old Navy
Tights Target
Shoes Clarks
Slip goodwill. (dress is see thru)
Ring and Necklace MFA store.

I am sick today but in the hole big time at work on sick days. The above pic is not very accurate. The one below is more me today.

So as many of you who follow my stream may remember that since childhood I have had a love affair with one of Degas' bronze casts of a young teen ballet dancer. I am not a dancer nor am I into dancing things but something about the statue has me hooked since childhood. We would come down to Boston and I would RUN to find her. The pairing of the bronze with a real tulle skirt. I can't even put to words. Also when your real close you can see thru the dirt its pink. Well last night I was in the store and bought the glass ring to add to my collection and as I was walking to the register I saw the necklace. I squeed in the store. The mini statue I want is 3 grand so I never thought i could have it. The necklace? $18. I called my husband and told him and he knew how much it meant to me and I could tell how excited he was for me. I have only seen her in real like maybe 4 times. They take her off display and also I like to keep it special.
Sorry for the crop on the photo it was odd no matter how I cropped it. It was either look at my freckles or look at my boobs.

When I wear things like this I think of two things. My hippie mom. She isn't a grungy hippie but lordy she is a hippie. She think Patchouli smells good. (that isn't the only qualification but owning the book "make your own groceries" is) I also think of my granola child youth. My dad used to take me to this store called Mosquito Traders and it was a upscale head shop. It smelled like Nag Champra and it sold peasant blouses and long flowy skirts. I remember falling in love with this sagey peasant blouse with purple flowers and had little ties on the front with bells. I was SMITTEN. It was probably 40 bucks and this was the late 80's. He bought it for me and I wore that shirt to death. I still had it in college and it was faded and all the bells had long fallen off. I know I still own it I just have no idea where it is. I bet in storage at the Inlaws. In 94 my dad wanted to take me to Woodstock. But tickets were a bit insane. Good thing we didn't go because it ended up being a BAD scene and I am sure he wouldn't of wanted his 16 year old daughter there. Instead that year he took me to John Mellencamp and we had fun. I think back at that and he was only a few years older than I am now and he brought his teenage daugher and her friend (his date canceled so I got to bring someone, dave's ex actually) and it must of been so embarassing for him. I must of cramped HIS style.


eden said...

dress looks great but what i really love are the navy tights with the brown shoes :-) overall a gorgeous color palate today!

rabespierre said...

the stories about your dad are so nice! makes me miss my parents. also i love outfits that connect back to memories, you know?