Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Embarrass yourself

I don't feel like it was a good day unless I embarrass myself at least once. If not it means I am not stepping outside of my box.
The best compliment I ever had was from my best friend's mom. Betsy. Betsy tells it like it is. Because of this I always thought she didn't like me. She was my girl scout troop leader when I was little. One day talking about Girl Scouts and how I was always in trouble. (with her daughter of course. partners in crime til the end we will be)
So I said to Betsy "As a kid I always thought you didn't like me"
to which Betsy says "Are you kidding? I adored you. You didn't know you were supposed to have a box"

I have always danced to the beat of my own drummer. It has made me a lot of not-friends (enemies is too harsh lets just go with people who don't understand me) and It has gotten me in trouble a lot but I think that some of that is healthy, makes you a better person. And the ones who stay around and appreciate me are the ones you want to be on your side! The ones you who like you BECAUSE your a nut.

So what have I done so far today?
I have showed at least 30 people my undies.
Tweeted to a celebrity crush who is WAY too young for me.
Fell off the Arc Trainer.

What have you done today??


Katie said...

not today, but yesterday, I was caught by the guy asking for donations at a stoplight while I was sureptitiously (or so I thought) picking my nose.

hillary said...

I like to touch up my eyebrows when we rent a car and at stop lights tweeze them. dave says "you do know they aren't tinted windows right?

"yeah but the lighting is perfect!"

Our apartment is a deep dark cave.

Katie said...

I have VERY tinted windows...but the windshield isn't.

mamichan said...

"I have showed at least 30 people my undies." LOL! But I would totally do the same thing if I knew your mom's trick. Or, I'd be in front of my condo showing the undies to EVERYONE driving by.

Eyeliah @ said...

hehe. I wear half tights (I guess the length of bike shorts over tights, it has that added bonus of extra warmth too. :-)

I wore yoga pants and flip flops on my bottom half to get to yoga (top half work wear). I spilled salt everywhere and hmm, that might be it for today.

MLE said...

Buffy decided to roll in the mud down in the ravine today. I mean, ROLL. She was filthy. I figured I would see what all the fun was. So I sat in it, too. I don`t get it, though. I mean it was just cold and dirty and it smelled like clay. But at least we matched.

Ally said...

I keep tweezers in my car just for my 'brows.

Heather said...

tweezer and my chin - unfortunately they are good friends.

Today so far I fell up the stairs in the subway. Someone behind me I don't know which of the three people it of them laughed.

I adore that you don't have a box.