Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter weekend.

We spent Easter weekend with family. It was nice and very chill. Everyone behaved nicely til they very end. My family is a bunch of characters. Easter dinner conversations were so funny I almost spit water out at one point. My gram's birthday is this week too. So we gave her her present while we were there. We bought her a fancy green purse. She keeps asking for my Cole Haan bag. I can't explain to her why I won't give it to her. She kept commenting on my earrings I was wearing that I also happened to make. I made them out of vintage pieces so essentially they are one of a kind. I told her I could try and make her a pair but they wouldn't be the same. Of course I took them off and handed them to her. The idea of her walking around in dangly earrings with shimmery stars on them makes me giggle.

My gram still hides eggs for me and my husband. While I may be 30 I still get a big thrill out of looking for the eggs. My cousin who is 21 thinks its stupid so I am glad that he wasn't there to ruin the fun. I mean I wish he was there and not in Afghanistan but just not for the egg hunt.

We set up my gram with a laptop and taught her to email again. I had an email that night from her so she must of figured it out! So proud of her.

We took the train home last night. Dave slept while I read trashy magazines. When we got home he did homework while I played on my laptop. Pretty chill Easter.

Today I have a lot on my to do list. But I kind of like it that way. Most annoying errand is I bought a pair of no-seeums to wear with heels last week and I need to return them to TJMaxx because there was only one sock in the package! I also have the fun earrand of stopping at Mac to get the skin matte-r with the money I found in one of the easter eggs!


eden said...

i love all the blue in this post!

hillary said...

I never thought about it but her house is VERY blue.