Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Designer clothes on the cheap

I have never paid full price for any of the designer stuff I own. I hit up sales and thrift and consignment stores. But my friend Kelly Sue clued me into online sample sales
Rue La La
Turns out this is actually a Boston based company. They are located less than a mile from me. (I actually applied to work there but I didn't even get a call. They must not read my blog and know how perfect I am for the job! he he)
Every day they have two new boutiques. Each boutique is a different designer and they are only open for 48 hours. It pays to get their early. I once was 30 minutes late to a Marc Jacobs boutique and literally it sold out. wah. Now I make sure to check every day at 11am.

It is invite only but click here for your very own invitation

Gilt Groupe is the same deal. But they usually have 3 or 4 boutiques that open everyday.
Also invite only but click here for your own invite

Today Rue La La had a Spanx boutique. Everything was more than half off. Also they were selling stuff that was STILL available on the company site for full price. If it hadn't just warmed up here I would of stocked up. I like to layer Spanx in the winter for warmth. It works amazingly well for that.


Heather said...

I;ve checkedboth of these out previously and you're right - the sales are amazing!

mamichan said...

Thanks for this! totally signed up for Rue La La. I'd love it more if they had at least called you about the jobby.

hillary said...

You and me both babe!