Friday, April 03, 2009

The countdown is ON!

4 months from today Dave turns 30!

He has accomplished a lot these past 29 years. He has attended 5 colleges. He is working on his 3rd and 4th degree (he will get them both at once). He has worked at his current job for 3 years and already had 6 promotions. (might be 7... hrm.)

For now he calls himself an archimatect in training. On his 26th birthday while we were visiting a Frank Lloyd Wright house he decided. He was going to go back to school. (little did he know his mom and I have schemed to take him there in hopes for him to finally listen to us and GO FOR IT)
I actually took a cell phone pic of the moment. I said stand there looking at it like your thinking real hard.

I have big plans for his birthday. I want to take him to Chicago so we can interview the city for options when he graduates. (year and a half then thesis.)

Proud of you pete!

I can hear you already. He is only ONE year younger so shush it.


david said...

ahaha, love it... oh wait, 30? thirty? does not compute. you must be mistaken... oh.

anna said...

ohmyohmyohmy the idea of you considering chicago as an option makes my heart skip!

rabespierre said...

are you coming to chicago?? might you come to chicago?!? keep me posted!
this is a really nice tribute to your dave, by the way. xx hilary

hillary said...

I REALLY want to. I think it would be so much fun and he'd love to see the sights. I am possibly thinking 4th july weekend as its a long weekend.

julie mack said...

Come to Chicago! It would be sooooo fabulous to meet you! <33

Also: sweetest post for your man. melty hearts for sure.