Friday, April 10, 2009

Off to Dad's for the weekend.

Jeans Gap
Red and white gingham shirt Gap (Its not pink so please don't call it pink)
Red shoes Clarks
Vest H&M (told you I wore it a lot)
Bracelets Tiffanys, Celiac Awareness, Pandora
Watch Kenneth Cole
Earrings qvc Heidi Klum
Messy bun courtesy of fennelgrl's tutorial

Yeah weekend! I am taking the train out of state to see my dad and grandparents this weekend. My gram is also turning 80! I will post pics of her birthday for sure.

My fren Masami is always layering her jewelry. She is this gorgeous girl with the most perfect style, She mixes neutrals in different textures like no bodies business. She also seems to subscribe to more natural materials over synthetics which is something I really really believe in. Yesterday in particular she layered big bracelets . I was so in love with the look I had to do my own version today. I really really like the outcome but you can hear me coming at work. We got some good laughs about it as I walked thru the cubical farm I work in.

My shoes. I already had two people at work ask me about my shoes today. I got them last fall after seeing this video by 10 cent designer. I HAD to have them. I stalked my Clarks who didn't have them then Zappos finally got them but my size sold out the first day. I put myself on a notifier and missed out TWICE. I finally got them and they are the most gorgeous shade of blood red. They are men's wear styled too which is something I am very into. (the site even said they were!) Now while Clarks seems spendy to some. (shoes average around 100 bucks there) They are worth every penny if you have to walk at all in your daily life. I can put a pair of clarks on and wear them all day walking around the city without issue. To me that is worth the money. Also I still own every pair of Clarks I ever bought and they are all still in good shape. But I also polish my shoes weekly. As should you! :)

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mamichan said...

Awww, you are a sweetie. I like the layered bracelets!!