Monday, April 27, 2009

Besame is back and its better than ever.

As many who know me know I am a Besame Cosmetics fan. I can frequently be seen in "Besame Red" lipstick.

Besame isn't for the faint of heart. Their lipsticks are very concentrated and the reds are RED. They are also very long wearing. You will be leaving pretty little red lip marks on cups all day!

Well sadly last year Besame went on hiatus so they could come out with a new line. I was distraught when I found this out and ordered 5 lipsticks!

Designer and CEO Gabriela Hernandez is one of the best business women I have come across. Not only does she design her brand and wear it everyday she also answers company email! 3 years ago or so when the brand was just gaining popularity I had read about it in Bust magazine and sent an email to the company. I emailed a photo and said "I wonder if you could help me pick the right red for me" I had wanted to wear red for years but never had luck and when I heard this brand was designed off vintage reds I had to try it. Gabriela herself emailed me back a lovely long email with suggestions and application tips.

I am a very fortunate girl and got a sneak peek of the new line of lipsticks. Voluptuous.

I received the Red Velvet to sample.
Describe as " A sophisticated and vibrant warm red with a satin finish. Perfect for day or night"

My immediate reaction was it was a gorgeous red. Sort of the color of warm brick. I was a bit worried it wouldn't look good on my very fair skin. I was wrong!

It goes on very smooth. I would say its much smoother than the last line. I have had it on for an hour and it's very moist. Red lipstick is notorious for drying out your lips. Actually I used to use that as a litmus test for how good a red was. Does it dry me lips out? Was it still staining them hours later? Because to be honest all the good reds tend to do that. This one is different. Its smooth and moist with the opaqueness (is that a word?) I look for in a good red.

The literature says "Voluptuous Lip Colour is uniquely formulated with beneficial velvety rose waxes and flower essences for beautiful lips. Added botanicals mimic the structure and function of healthy skin and provide lipids that maintain soft, sensual lips. Water-binding ingredients and natural oils are blended in to keep lips fully moisturized."

It even passed the husband test
" I am not a big fan of red on you but I like this. Its very saturated. Its a rich red."

I say that it fully lived up to the description. I anxiously await the release and I can assure you I will be one of the first people in line!

Also you follow Gabriela on twitter! I am on there too!


Ally said...

This is so pretty on you. I wish I could find the right red for me too. So many of them turn pink on me after 20 minutes or so.

hillary said...

MAC russian red and MAC red will not turn pink on you I promise. Russian was designed for Madonna. Gwen Stefani and Dita both wear it. It is one of the best reds out there. I can say this cause Besame isn't currently for sale. :)

Heather said...

I sooooooo need to experiment with reds. I'll give Russian Red a go but really I'm so conscious of the fact that the natural tone of my teeth tends more to the yellows so I get really self-conscious with lip sticks.

Sal said...

I'm a lipstick scaredy cat, ESPECIALLY when it comes to reds ... but this shade is amazing, and seriously looks like it was formulated just for you, lady.

Anonymous said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.