Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Almost half over.

Le sigh

Shirt Target
Skirt with pockets H&M
Belt H&M
Stirrup tights Target
Shoes YSL
Earrings Craftster swap
heart earrings Elsa for Tiffany
Necklace Elsa for Tiffany
Bobby pins painted by me. See my "tutorial" here. I use the word tutorial loosely.

Come noon there will officially be halfway through this week. But who is counting really. (MEMEME)

I was having a hard time getting dressed this morning. I had laid out this outfit last night but I wasn't feeling it. I tried on a couple other outfits and realized it was getting late and just wore it. I like how I wore this skirt better last time. I just like that turtleneck sweater better. I just couldn't find it. After this photo I took off my shoes to put on my commuter shoes and dang it if I didn't forget to put the YSL in my bag. BAH. I am stuck wearing my commuter shoes all day. So annoying. Especially since tonight is tiny date night with the husband. Basically we meet up at 5:30 at UNO's by his school and have dinner and then he goes to class at 7:00.

Last time I wore it

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Heather said...

What are your commuter shoes? Mine are horrible.