Thursday, April 09, 2009

1970's(?) Gucci Dress from dddgirl79 Etsy shop Its too big for me but I can't wait to alter it to wear it. So I belted it! Yeah! and left it open with a Brown cami I also tight rolled the sleeves.
Belt Target
Boots Aldo
Over knee socks (pushed down) Target
Necklace Gehty Tiffanys
2 sets silver bangles one from husband one from mum
Earrings High Gear

I went with a golden eye and bright pink cheek for the 70's vibe.

I also did Jan's hairdo. I even used barrettes from the 70's my mom made.

It had GIANT shoulder pads in it. I looked either like Joan Collins or Linebacker for the Patriots. I took those out but not before trying it on and laughing in the mirror for a good minute. I should of taken a picture. I think I left them on the table maybe I still can. The dress has great shaping to it on its own but just for some who is larger than me. (Mostly in height) I think I want to shorten it and take the sleeves and sides in and maybe raise the shoulder seam if I can figure out how. Mostly I want to do all that because I am not a big belt person. I find them uncomfortable but sometimes necessary. I just have had stomach issues for 5 years and anything like that bugs me.
These were one of the two items I have ever bought from Aldo and they are troppers. I have had them for about 6 years and worn them every single winter and they are chugging on even after Boston winters and cobblestones.

Does anyone know a good way to get a stain out of dyed cotton? Tide pen didn't help.

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eden said...

absolutely LOVE the dress! so great belted, and the color is splendid on you.