Monday, March 16, 2009

Who wants to join my book club?

One of my dreams in life was to be invited to a book club. To me that is a social check mark. Once a coworker told me about the one she belonged to and ubershy me actually asked if I could join. She said NO. Lesbians only. I kid not.
So I am starting my own.
This is the first book we will discuss. I haven't started it yet. I want to be on the same page so to speak. If you already read it then maybe you can start the first discussion topic? I am going to start a flickr group for it. Please feel free to join and invited anyone who is interested. Next book I think I will put to a vote, majority rules. But since it is my club I am picking the first one. (heee like that? ha)

Bitch- in praise of difficult women by
Elizabeth Wurtzel (she also wrote Prozac Nation and I am trying to not hold that against her)

Join the club here.


Dave77459 said...

Um, do you have to be a lesbian, or have potential to be one, to join?

What sort of books do you envision?

hillary said...

anyone can join and is welcome! The first book is the above but from here on out its open to suggestions

Heather said...

The cover model reminds me of Anne Hathaway. I would LOVE to join your book club but have promised not to make any new bookish commitments in 2009 as I can't seem to keep up with the ones I have.