Sunday, March 01, 2009

Where the magic lives

I have had numerous people ask me to see my closet. I have always declined. I didn't exactly have a closet. But now I can give you glimpses in a couple of places I keep things. Eventually hope to have it all organize enough for public.
Up til Christmas I had a 5 Ikea rack with stuff hanging on it and on dave's side of the bed making it impossible for him to get in and out easily. Combined with that I have an enormous industrial rack that is about 7 feet tall. We got a small closet at Ikea over xmas and my dresses and some of my cardigans moved into there.

I had enough cardigans that the overflow moved into a sweater hanging thing in dave's closet. My jeans live in a bookcase with the rest of my sweaters and my shoes live in a shoe 25 pair cubby system with the overlow (see upwards of 40 pr additional ok 50 60??)

in rubber bins in the bottom of dave's closet. My boots. Yeah we won't talk about where they live.
Last night I tackled the rack.
(please note the cat lives on top. She likes to jump from there flying onto the bed at 3 am. We used to try and keep her off. When that didn't work we got another bed and Avon box for her up there.) It was a horrific nightmare mess. Mostly cause the cat thinks its her jungle gym and climbs in and pushes stuff out. And me in aggravation just shove it back in with no notice to order. So I emptied the whole things and put things in categories. PJ/casual home clothes, Graphic T's long sleeve oxford shirts, Long sleeve knit shirts, Pants more pants (anything thats not jeans), Camis, Leggings, Short sleeve knits (not t-shirts) and I ended up with 2 entire piles of short sleeve button up shirts and also a pile for turtlenecks.

The bottom houses in order from left to right, Some hoodies and track type jack, Long sleeve jackets and blazers, 3/4 versions and finally short sleeve versions, then vests, "shiny shirts" anything satiny or silk and is a bitch to have folded, lace and chiffon shirts, then all my skirts.

And remember all the dresses are over in the little closet. Along with silky scarves and perfumes.

Winter accessories live in another odd location near the boots. :) My belts live on a pants hanger as do my necklaces.
My jewelry well any of the cheap stuff is in a Avon jewelry holder and the fancy well I keep that somewhere else.
My purses. Yeah they are all over the place. The "most used" ones end up behind the bedroom door for easy access.
But I sadly have lots more and they are living where ever they fit right now. Shoes do that too. I have some in the hallway under the hopechest and some by the door. So that is some of my stuff. Well this is the good vast majority of it. The rest is just things for other seasons or stuff I don't use as much.


Ally said...

I'm so glad you posted this - I'm SO NOSY and love love LOVE looking at people's closets :)

Kimberly said...

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing. Also, that is too funny that Daisy-boo likes to be up in the closet!

hillary said...

if you enlarge the rack pic you can see her head eyeballing it. I didn't even notice til dave pointed her out.

hillary said...

Oh and that isnt a closet. Its a giant free standing rack that takes up one side of our bedroom. Thats how she jumps on the bed.

Rachael said...

I'm drooling over your jewellery collection.

Tatum said...

please note. the part about db cracked me up =)

Eyeliah said...

oh yes, I remember now. Also why it's so important for you to have those investment dresses, you don't need as much clothes when you have great pieces.

hillary said...

I still have an obscene amount of clothes but I have culled it a LOT and donated and gave to friends. Still have 90+ dresses though. gah
I have completely curbed that and have rules now.
Only buy what I LOVE and try to only buy natural fabrics unless it is sparkly or UBER special