Thursday, March 26, 2009

What are your thoughts

What do you think?

Personally I love it.

Its so over the top ridiculous that its actually funny again. Marc is in on the joke. Thats why he has those bags that say Marc by Marc Jacobs a Marc Jacobs production by Marc Jacobs. Its funny. He gets the slave to label and how its become not cool to admit.

and it comes in 23 colors and is $17.

Husband hates it. Doesn't see the appeal thinks its ugly 80's middle schooler backpack why the hell would I want it.

That is WHY I want it.


Eyeliah @ said...

I like it, other than it's kinda label whoring.

rabespierre said...

i had been thinking that the backpack was due for a comeback --so apparently it is! i like that the straps are the same color as the backpack itself --for some reason i think that's a really good touch. plus, nice relief from the heavy shoulder bag ...! xx hilary

Heather said...

I so want one! (for obvious reasons) hehe