Friday, March 20, 2009

The week that was

This week was nothing short of interesting. At work we are working on a project that at any one time has up to 12 of us working in the same spreadsheet cleaning up data. We are talking a lot of tiny little boxes of information. Its kinda fun and a change of pace none of my jobs required much Excel in my working career.

In the past 7 days I have
I've gone to a giant vintage store and got a really cool 1950's hat.
We got cupcakes at Kickass cupcakes and they were indeed kickass.
Got a silk dress at Marimekko for 80% off. (It was still expensive but worth every penny)
Opened my Etsy store! I have had one sale to a complete stranger and one to my mom.
Stayed home on Moday cause I was feeling unwell.
Had 2 dentist appointments and one doctor appointment.
Started yoga.
Won the Lucky Magazine Lacoste Bright Accessory Contest. Yeah I had been debating for days if I was going to tell anyone or not. I don't win things. I feel weird about it. Like it was a mistake and they are going to realize and take it away.

Received an amazing package from Emily! She sent me 3 yes 3 shirts! I am a idiot and didn't take a picture but I am wearing one of them here.

Had my portrait painted by Cali Artist Neal Breton! Check him out at
I had a plate of Pumpkin Tortellini in a Sage Marscapone sauce at Giacomo's.

I started a book club.
And tonight we are going to Target. wooot.
Oh and I read 5 books. (all vampire in nature.)


Ruta said...

congrats girl, it's been a powerweek for you!! rock it out! now go enjoy your weekend adventures. mwah!

Eyeliah @ said...

yay for starting yoga, I am addicted.