Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Week summary of my husband dressing me.

Well I think it goes without saying that he did a great job. He knew what look he was going for he really thought out his choices. (ooh let me tell you. It was usually at midnight him having me try stuff on and stand back while he hmmmed and hawwwed)
Apparently I don't own long sleeve shirts you know colored knits, t-shirty if you will. This bothered him. He wanted them to layer.
He had to put me in more layers than he would of liked due to the extreme cold we had last week. And he wished I had more fun shoes without 4 inch heels. They make him nervous.
He appeared to be pleased with himself at the end of it all. But he had misgivings about people's praise. Were they saying they like it cause a man did it and most men they know wouldn't so anything is impressive? Or would they of liked it if they thought Hillary herself had picked it out? So he does want to do it again but to not say anything so he can get what he feels is a true reaction. The whole thing was fun but stressful. I wanted to give imput or trade one element here and there but that wasn't part of the rules. I am a little too type A to have no control. But I let him have it all. It was a lesson on taking a step back for me. He also put me in some cuts that I tend to avoid. Such a my small swing jacket. I always fear I look pregnant in it. But the pictures said another thing THIS TIME. Yet all my previous wears, just weren't as successful. He also likes to put short sleeve over long. Something I am not used to doing but the results were nice. He also layed things I never would of thought such a a fancy top under a dress. I would of put a plain top under it. It never dawned on me a fancy top would work.

So here is Fridays outfit.

Well so it was only a short week cause of our storm on Monday.
Some thoughts on the week.
He was working at a huge disadvantage with it being unseasonably cold. About 20 degrees colder than average for this time of year. I know there were things he wanted me to wear but he skipped them because of the extreme cold.
Last night was his hardest night. He felt like he kept picking things I would normally wear and a few duds. Once I tried them on he didn't like how it looked.
Today he said he was going for a faux asian vibe with bold jewel tones. (the turtleneck is deep purple) He really didn't want me to wear a turtleneck but I don't have long sleeve t-shirts it just something I don't really own. I like the outfit a lot. I also like the matching of the gold necklace with gold shoes. Not something I would of thought of.

Silk dress Banana Republic
Purple turtleneck H&M
Diamond tights Ann Taylor
Gold flats Clarks
Owl necklace Avon

He wanted sleek hair and a smoky eye with more color so I went with a slatepurple with lots of black eyeliner and a more pink cheek than I had been doing. (Also to hide the fact that today I was a bit pale even for me. I am not feeling my best)

And here are the outfits all together for comparison.


Ruta said...

i think the dark denim dress with the green accents was my personal fave. as in, i would totally wear that or a variation of that. i don't think that's a biased compliment!!! good jorb!

Eyeliah @ said...

I so want to (try to) get my hubby to do this. I'll wait til he's in a really good mood to ask. :-)

dirtydirtylaundry said...

Such a fun idea! I think I'll get my boyfriend to dress me for a week some time. I'll see if he's up for the challenge ;)

mariel said...

i love the short sleeved coat with the royal blue long sleeve! it really stands out to me.