Thursday, March 26, 2009

WedNesDay wearings

This is gonna require you to trust me some.
This dress? ohmy joanie. In person the higwaisted skirt with the sheer top with ruffles a polka dots. In photo? Tre boring black dress. Its not at all. Member how I said you'd have to trust me?

Dress H&m
Belt Target
Tights dunno
Shoes Marc Jacobs
Monacle Marc Jacobs
Big black hoops with sparkle H&M
Headband kids dept in H&M

For makeup I did a black cat eye and red sheer lipgloss.

At work I threw a leopard cardigan over it. Went out to dinner and shopping on Newbury st afterwork with the husband and for once I didn't feel like the sales people were following me like I was going to steal something. They did still harass me though I think they could see in my eye I was really debating on a purse.

Which I did get. wooot.
Something sickly thrilling about buying yourself a purse. I have lived with my husband since 20 and had shared bank account. I started saving money $20 a week direct from my pay. It solves the whole feeling bad buying a purse thing!

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