Friday, March 13, 2009

We made it to Friday

So we need to pat ourselves on the back.
Wonder if I could remember to do this weekly. (doubtful, if I do I should pat myself on the back)

This week I brought my lunch to work EVERY SINGLE DAY.

This week I didn't turn the tv on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Thats 24 hours of prime time viewing I would of had the previous 11,000 or so days of my life. (6 a day on average)
The second night was the hardest. When was I supposed to pee? How did I know it was time to go to bed without a show ending and 11 oclock new starting (tre boring)

I read 4 books.

I managed to keep dave from eating the bag of Rolos that were for our lunches.



Eyeliah @ said...

Oh great job, tough goals to keep I'm sure. I watch tv for Gossip Girl and ANTM. and the morning show for 30 minutes while I get ready in the am. EEK!

Kelly said...

I planned to bring my lunch every day. I think I made it 2 days. Now I have a lot of lunchmeat in my fridge that I have to eat fast.