Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday's outfit and a wedding is a-coming!

It finally wasn't raining today but my photographer was sick and in pjs so I didn't want to ask for outside pics.
This skirt is great in CONCEPT but in reality I have almost showed my bottom half about 45 times today. Too much fabric on so short a skirt makes it airborne.

Skirt Thakoon Target I am glad I waited I got it for $6
Turtleneck sweater H&M
Tights CVS
Shoes Cole Haan
Cardigan gifted from dddgirl79
Scarf NYC street vendor
Earrings I made them.

I feel like I do this work a lot. I throw a bright scarf over black and call it a day. Well at least I don't post them too often. :P One of my remix secrets among many. Add or subtract after pics are taken.

It is supposed to get up to at least 50 degrees today. I am over the moon.
I have some exciting new. Well exciting to me. I get to go to a wedding this summer. Well not a wedding so much as a party cause the couple eloped last Valentines (over a year ago) but didn't tell anyone til he was deployed in Oct. He is responsible for this photo actually.

But the point is I get to get a fancy dress! Of course he couldn't have a real wedding being as he was one of my last hopes to be a bridesmaid. I have never been to a wedding where I wasn't related to bride or groom and the only one I ever was in was my own. We don't have an exact date because his deployment was just bumped to May.

When I was 9 or 10 hrm not sure which. I think 10. my aunt got married and we all thought I was a shoe-in for flower girl I mean I was her only niece. But no she said I was "too old" and had her friend's fat kid be it instead. Too old? Its her wedding she makes the rules, those were them I guess. They bought us matching dresses though and even at that age I was humiliated. I had a dress like the girl in the wedding but wasn't special enough to be in it. The kid was so fat the dress didn't fit her so they had to add a skirt onto it. My mom was the maid of honor in the wedding so I had no one to talk to. I want to wear an ugly taffeta gown! Instead I hung out with my uncle who was the same age as me and he gave me my first glass of wine. oops I don't think mom knew that. Not that she would be surprised in the LEAST. He was trouble. If I remember correctly my grandfather his dad had actually given him the glass. A highlight of that day is there was a professional photographer there and her got this beautiful portrait of me. You can see all over my face how heartbroken I am. Funnily its one of the most me photos ever. My step father later turned it into a giant pop art painting. Everyone agreed how sad little me was so me.

So anyways I plan on scoping out dresses and posting them for opinions. I am excited I like dressing up.


Becky said...

Do we get to see the picture of 10 year old Hillary as not the flower girl?

hillary said...

Haa working on it actually. I asked my mom about it this morning.

Kelly said...

My family is enormous and there are normally several weddings a year. I secretly love weddings to death. I hope someone decides to get married at the last minute or something because as of right now, there are no weddings on the schedule for my summer!

Katie said...

Yay! you get to go to a wedding celebration! I have a love/hate relationship with weddings. I get invited to some completely out of the blue, and then completely left out of others without even an announcement that says "I remember you, I want you to know about my wedding, but we couldn't invite you" (I understand that part since I will, with only my aunts , uncles, cousins have at least 59 guests if no one else procreates or gets married between now and the eventual future)


You look great (and color on black is still a style, not cheating, you've got texture to work with).

Kimberly said...

Be glad you haven't been in any weddings - they are so EXPENSIVE!! I dropped $3,000+ being my BF's Maid-of-Honor by the time I did the travel, dress, shoes, hair, shower, bachelorette party, etc. Despite the dress being black/a-line style I will still never wear it again.
As for what you are going to wear to the wedding - can't wait to see!

hillary said...

I need to talk to the bride and see if she approves but I REALLY want to use this as the excuse to buy the Sailor dress by Bettie Page the one Blair wore in the season finale last year. I would shorten it like she did cause as it comes it is too long for me. I want to ask her cause its a bit flashy and I NEVER would show up the bride. ugh. Rudest thing possibly in the world!

hillary said...

but I just want to be someone's wing man for a day. Know what I mean?? I missed my best friends wedding and she missed mine cause we were being young and selfish.

anna said...

yeah I hear ya---- I love love love weddings, and of course, my two BFFs haven't had weddings!!! (one is unmarried, the other eloped) They are the only two girls that wouldn't make me wear a ridiculous dress that i "would definitely wear again!" , yet I have had to wear at least 2 other hideous bridesmaid dresses.

i can't wait to see what you choose for your dress!

hillary said...

Anna I am 75% sure I am going to get the Bettie Page clothings Captain dress in the swing version. I have coveted this dress FOREVER

My cousin will not appreciate the amazingness of this dress but I hope my dad and pop does! :)

I don't know why but I love to get the male approval in my family. Probably cause they are so tight lipped. "if you like it is all that matters" BAH!

Milly said...

love the skirt