Tuesday, March 24, 2009

tuesday. really? only tuesday?

So my husband is on spring break. He came home to me on my hands and knees scrubbing the tub last night (damn red hair dye) and I think he was feeling generous. He said "what can I sew"
I didn't even skip a beat I handed him the book open to the hobo bag and a pile of fabric. At midnight he handed me a new bag! He said I need to say that this fabric isn't ideal for a hobo and it wasn't "draping" the way he wanted it to. How many people can say their husband can cook, plan out an entire HVAC system for a building, untangle knots in necklaces, sew and is a DAMN fine shot with a gun. (first time at my dad's club he got a 25 out of 25 some men haven't done that in 25 years they weren't dave's biggest fans) He isn't perfect but he is damn close and he is all mine.

Ok gushing over. gag. choke. ahem

NAVY blue velvet swing coat GAP the lovely Ruta has the same on in grey I believe.
Jeans Eva from Express
Ruched turtleneck Target
Shoes Michael Kors
Earrings H&M
Bracelet friend brought back from Venice
Ring Museum

Yes entire outfit was planned around matching bag. I am a nerd like that.

Staying up late (I would of felt terrible going to bed while he was making me something) I woke up with a frightful face. All red eyed and my dark circles were darker than usual. I went heavy on the eyebright and YSL touche eclat and it worked a peach!!! the Touche Eclat is the single best makeup tool ever I think. Teal eyeliner and hot pink hello kitty gloss too.
Work is very very very very very very busy lately. Its getting to me. So are some people. Eh. So is life.


anna said...

you look wonderful, and your husband is awesome for making you that bag!

I'm glad to hear that work is busy for you--- no, not because I am cruel, but because I am selfish and self-absorbed and want all my internest frens to reconvene when MY work gets thinned out! Don't forget about me! I will be back around in 4 days!

OK enough about me--- back to you. Once again, you are rockin' the heck out of a jacket--- instant love! Hope you and your man have some nice spring break plans!

Rachael said...

Your hubby is a gem!
Also, I want to eat your bracelet.