Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring wishlist

So I have been mulling this over in my head. I was going to make a polyvore like I did back for fall but I think a list works better because I don't know the exact items I want just a general idea of what I am looking for.

More open weave tights in lighter colors.
Brown cardigan to replace the one my dentist bleached on accident. Brown is my spring go to color over black.
More 50's tiny lady hats. I see them being a big player in my wardrobe.
A giant wide brimmed hat like the picture taped to the door. (the pic is of a Kate Spade one) but not in black. Red maybe?
American apparel brown highwaist skirt
A pair of shoes comfortable for walking on cobblestone streets that also look cute in a skirt.
GOT**Target last night! on super sale too!***2 or 3 short skirts in cottton or silk with fun bright colors. (thinkings not floral but that seems to be whats out there. hrm)
Pink, red and white flowers for hair and pinning on clothes.
GOT ***have to see once they arrive if they actually fit this bill.*** A pair of nude heels preferably shiny. This will be hard. The ones I like are $800. Um yeah no.
GOT?*** found one in makeup kit I haven't worn in a year or so**A coral lipgloss.
A pair of neon shoes.

If you have seen any of these items and you think I might like please post in comments.

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Rachael said...

Nice work, you're knocking off items left right and centre! My wish list hasn't seen any action for months.