Saturday, March 28, 2009

quiet Saturday round the Sanders household

Very low key Saturday for us. I slept late while the Mr. did homework. We took a nap and then headed out for day. We tried to sell clothes at a consignment store (my first time since college) I sold a coat, shirt and two pair of shoes I had never worn for $50. Score. 50 more than I had when I woke up this morning. We took the T out to Somerville and go to Kickass Cupcakes.

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The Lemon one was amazing. I didn't like the Mojito one. It was weird one bite would be nommy all lime and rum then another bite would be cheap alcohol tasting. Luckily I have a chai caramel pecan sticky for later! I got a 50's tiny hat from Poor Little Rich girl which is on the opposite block of the cupcake place. Then we came back home and dave made fantastic dinner of parmesean potatoes and maple cashew chicken. The thing I am most excited about though? I have had a rx since Oct that I couldn't fill due to my neurologist not calling in a pre-authorization even though I called him 8 times. (I am not kidding) But my regular doctor pulled some strings and I got my letter today and I FINALLY have my new rx. It is something I will take regularly in hopes to PREVENT my migraines. I am excited but not too excited because we have tried dozens of others. But my mind is telling me that this one was so hard to get approved and so expensive so it must me good?? heee. Yeah you will try anything after 20 years of them really.
I was dressed cute today but for some reason I don't like to take photos of outfits on weekend. Too much pressure I put on myself to look good. But I looked nice. 2 shades of teal with animal print cardigan, jeans, silver bow flats and my necklace and earrings from Holly joy to the world.


david said...

dinner was good (if i do say so myself) you forgot about the apple pie tarts though.
and yes, i agree, you did look very nice today (as usual).

Becky said...

I'm curious what the new rx is. I tried two different migraine preventative medications to no avail. One was Topamax the other was Nortriptyline. Now I'm back to taking Imitrex and/or Relpax once I get the migraine. Geesh, what a pain! Literally.

hillary said...

I tried both those as well! Lyrica is the new one. I start tonight so I will keep you updated on if it does anything. Topamax worked for a long time for me but after 4 years all a sudden I had side effects. They have gotten pretty bad lately so I hope to feel help right away if it is going to. I was up to 2-3 a week! eep. It was like an every other day thing. gah.

Becky said...

Yes, please do keep me updated.

anna said...

oooh Lyrica is supposed to be the new miracle drug. My sister is the assistant of the two chemists that developed that drug--- they made BANK and donated enough money to build a whole new chem building at Northwestern, so I'm guessing that people LOVE it. Fingers crossed that it's the right thing for you!

Your dinner looks delicious!