Sunday, March 22, 2009

Outfit catchup

Ok so here are Thursday and Fridays outfits in one post cause well I have been busy.
Spring has sprung, just not here.

Slept in late and have dentist appointment (for those playing along at home this is my FOURTH visit in a month for same damn crown will be 7 before I am done)
Oh and its COLD! what the heck?

Mini coat. Its very stiff while I love it, it doesn't move much GAP
Turtleneck Target
Pleated wide legs jeans H&M
Sneakers Marimekko!!! I got these and a dress. Both were only ones in store and in my size. I was meant to own them. Oddly I am a 38 shoe and 38 dress as well. The dress is epic. WARM temp come on!
Bracelets Tiffany and Pandora (detail later)
Earrings I made them
Ring Craft fair its glass
Necklace Gehry for Tiffany
Watch Kenneth Cole

I am matchy matchy today. B&W earrings, shirt, ring, shoes.

Todays outfit is dedicated to Mimi who wear voluminous skirts and makes them chic and not frumpy

I feel like this is prettier in person. Details are lost and static was making shirt act funny.

Skirt it is very voluminous. That is on purpose. Cause it fits the waist nicely it has little double pleats around and pockets. Target
Shirt Sheer tie and buttons on shoulder and gathered cuffs and band at bottom none of which photographs. gah. (outside photo time hurry up) Target
Tights Where else? target
Shoeeeeeeeeees Aldo. They are wood heeled real leather and I got a great deal on them. Yet didn't get a good photo so I gave you a couple angles.
Earrings from my etsy
Glass ring Craft fair
Watch Kenneth Cole
Bracelet Tiffanys
Headband from husband fro xmas (I believe he got it at Urban Outfitters)

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