Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Not sure what to title it.

So I had been swooning over the harnesses with my mother over at iheartnorweiganwood's etsy for a couple weeks now. I wanted in black obviously and my nutter of a mother wants it in pink. Can you tell who the practical member of the family is? (well as practical as someone who wants a harness can get) My husband bribed me with it when he wanted me to do him a really big favor. I don't know why I never thought of this sooner. Man I could of been doing that for 12 years now. (oh what did he want? me to get him a stack of books and bring them home talk about HEAVY damn architecture books) I digress.

So it came yesterday and I immediately tried it on with a bunch of outfits. This one I admit I took it off for work. I need to work them into it. I had a coworker make a not too nice remark at me a few weeks ago so my ego has been hurting. What people who don't know me IRL might not know I am painfully shy and don't like attention. I get embarassed and shut down and make a fool of myself by coming off as rude when its really my shyness kicking my ass. But I have found the perfect first wear into work outfit for it and hope to wear it within the week or so. But today I wanted comfort comfort comfort. The dress is some sort of synthetic knit but it literally felt like I was wearing pajamas today. I knew the dress was going to be very versitle. It has 3/4 sleeves and a scoop neck in front an back.

dress h&m
harness iheatnorweiganwood on etsy
sweater N&Y co
Shoes Charlotte Russe
Earrings from my etsy shop
Tights x's Target?

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Heather said...

you looked gorgeous! screw them! (am I allowed to say that?)