Friday, March 27, 2009

How to be a cute boy.

I have a lot of male friends. More male than female actually. And I am lucky in that some of them are smart enough to ask my opinion on what a boy should wear to look fashionable without being too Metrosexual (though I see no problem with that either) A friend of mine who is in his 40's said he was too old and weighed to much to dress nice. WHAT? You are never too old, too fat or too short or too tall to dress nice! Fashion has no age/weight limits.
So I was grooving along to some Andrew Bird on recommendation radio and I went to click the little "I love this" button so they would play more like it and I saw these pics. Both are of Andrew and I think he is the perfect mix of fashion without trying to hard and how it has a slightly rumpled feel to keep it from being "trying to hard"
Also note the striped socks. Details like this take it away from looking like a corporate tool in a suit. The rolled sleeves as well. Details like that is what make the girls swoon too I must say.
Now I gotta be honest. I think a vest and tie would look equally as nice on 6'3" 300 lbs as it would on 5'9" 150 lbs. Its all about getting the right cut for your body. One may need bigger points on it than the other. Or one may do better with a collar on his vest in a stiffer material. I think the thing some men might suffer from is. Say they want a vest. They see one in a store and buy it without thinking "But is the right vest for me" Taken some time but I am getting thru on that one with the husband. Now he only likes slim cut dress shirts cause he sees now the ones that aren't even in his "size" are too big too much fabric. While the sleeve is the right length and the collar fits they were too poofy and kinda made him look like a gut he didn't have.

I am currently working on my summer fashion wants for men and women and my
"what I won't be buying this summer" list. Things and trends that I don't think I am on onboard with at least for my body and coloring.


Dave77459 said...

Respectfully, your title says it well. Boy

As a—what did you say?—"40's [and] weighed too much" dude, some things will never be cute on me. I can be well dressed, sure, but never will I look like a cute 20s guy in rolled sleeves and vest.

Can I ask a for-real question? Would you be more impressed if I bought a vest that fit as-well-as-it-can or showed up wearing really nice Italian shoes?

hillary said...

vest hands down. BUT if you have icky shoes its all over. My pop taught me to always take care of your shoes and polish them and keep them nice. Cheap shoes are fine but they should be TIDY.

Funnily you aren't the 40's something in this instance. haaaa but I can see why you might think so cause come to think of it we talked on this before.

Boy is just the word I use for any NOT WOMAN I call my pop a boy and he is 82.

rabespierre said...

yay andrew bird! good call on him as a boy style role model. xx hilary