Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday wears

So its impossible to see here but the shirt is hot pink and orange stripes. So the socks actually match.
I think my p&s is on its last legs. I think I either need to use the DSLR or daves P&S the colors are never right and its always blurry lately. I think it has a lot to do with the fact I have dropped it 500 times.

Dress Banana Republic gift from mother in law. She got it for me when I was 24 lbs heavier and since its nipped in the waist and tiny pleat tucks along the buttons when I weighed more it actually fit very nicely. But now I can only wear it with something under it cause the arm holes are too big but I decided today this is the end for it. I shall be giving it to the new thrift store in my hood. So a lovely size 12 can rock it like it deserves.
Shirt Joe Fresh. wait where did I get Joe Fresh?? The amazing LOVEASLUG of couse. She knows me too well.
Stirrip tights Target
Socks Target
Shoes YSL from new thriftstore
Bracelet Gap
Earrings H&M
So this outfit cost me personally 80 bucks. gifted dress and shirt, tights and socks were $1 at Target on clearance and the Bracelet was .99 cents at Gap and the Earrings $2. at H&M and my shoes $75 The price was still on the box $580! They were worn once or twice tops. I have the box and shoe bags too! The best part I can see over the cube walls at work!!! I am 5'8" today. My coworker looked down and said "I couldn't figure out what was going on I turn and giant hillary was coming at me"

So I have bought no less than 10 pairs of socks to wear with shoes like this over the years and I never do it. I wuss out. Becktress always looks so good when she does it. So today was daring for me. I am getting a lot of stares but I think its cause they like my socks. (or I tell myself)

I did a tiny french braid down the side of my head a la Gwen Stefani. I LOVE it. I am going to try this weekend to make one that looks like a headband. Its like a french braid but you only grab from the side facing front its a bit tricky but if you do it in the mirror its much easier.

I snazzied the photo up to make up for the blurry. The real one is below.

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