Monday, March 30, 2009

Free free free

I am having a giveaway!

I admit I got the idea from this when Kimberly posted a giveaway and it bought all the lurkers out of the woodwork. So I am jumping on the bandwagon and doing it. I had been thinking about a giveaway for awhile and no better time than now.

The winner will have their pick of any pair of earrings in my Etsy store! I will even put sterling silver hooks on them too. (as opposed to the surgical steel I sell)

Ok so here are the "rules"
Leave a comment answering these questions.
1. How did you find my blog?
2. Why do you continue to read it?
3. What type of content would you like to see more of?

I will draw the winner on April 6th one week from today, which happens to be my Unbirthday! (something my family celebrates. Its the halfway point from your bday its an excuse to have cake and open a little present. We even have a banner for it)

ATTENTION MEN. You could win them for a gal in your life. I hear mother's day is approaching.

If you would like to add you website to my site list, add it below! It will appear in this blog post so you get more traffic to your website!! (its my mom's idea)


Nicole said...

I'm not going to jump in on the contest since I just got here, but I wanted to say that I celebrate my Unbirthday, too! Mine is October 24th, as my birthday is December 24th. Celebrating it early ensures the day of my unbirth is actually recognized.

hillary said...

Hey just cause your new doesn't mean you can't enter. Enter away! and welcome!

My unbirthday is exactly the half way point between birthdays.

Becky said...

Well, I found your blog through flickr and I like to read it because I almost always can relate to the things you post about. Plus you're funny which makes reading it more enjoyable. As far as content - I think you do a nice job of posting a variety of topics. Oh, and I like the picture of you at the top so if I come here to read your blog I get to see it. :)

MLE said...

Well, let me see....I got here through flickr, too. And I think you're sweet and funny and totally adorable. I love your fashion-y posts most, but I would love to see more of your makeup ideas. I actually use a lot of your product reviews (hello L'Oreal HIP eyeliner and Benefit Erase Paste).

Mercurial Magpie said...

I also found your blog from Flickr, and I read it because it's an interesting continuation of your photos, all of which are pretty spiffy. :) I like seeing what new outfit you wear each day, I can commiserate over the constant upkeep of hair color, and I dig your make-up tips. As for content, I'd love to see more make-up ideas. Keep it up! :)

Kimberly said...

hee, hee - way to catch the lurkers! I found you on Flickr/Wardrobe Remix over a year ago. I immediately loved your style and you had so many friends - I was in awe at how popular you are. I'm so lucky to now be in the "inner circle" and be your friend (btw, thanks for the sweetie comment over on Glamour). I ♥ your blog because with every post I feel like I get to know you a little better and while this isn't very helpful I love the mix of stuff you cover.
I need to check out this Mr. Linky thing more - I have been seeing it more and more on various blogs.

laniza said...

I found your blog through flickr as well (The Chocolate Wonder). I love your sense of style and spunk :). Does the winner have the option of picking something else besides earrings?

hillary said...

I'm only selling earrings right now. I am not equiped to make other stuff. Why what were you thinking?

Eyeliah @ said...

1. After you commented on mine.
2. You are funny and insightful.
3. My faves are always outfit posts, but you do tons of those already, so I'm not sure. How about more giveaways! lol

david said...

1. "Daaaaveeee!? Can you make me a website!?"
2. "Daaaaveeee!? Can you look at my new post on _____!?"
3. I like the reviews and crafty/artsy things. Also, I like the posts that are unique to the blog.

Andrea said...

1. I found you through Erin's blog

2. I think you are witty, have mad style, and impeccable taste in footwear ;)

3. I'd like to see more makeup related topics and maybe even tutorials. That'd be fun.

laniza said...

Oh, I forgot to answer the other questions (blame it on baby brain). I'd like to see more makeup reviews, also more clothing & shoes reviews, and maybe more posts on the things you like and why.

Are you planning on adding any knitting (crochet?) to your etsy shop? I'd totally dig a hat, scarf, or something baby related!

hillary said...

I have no plans to for various reasons.
I am a novice knitter who can't write her own patterns yet and you can not sell items made off a pattern. Also it takes so long to knit that your time is worth more but who would buy a 60 hat? Also I am allergic to most animal fibers.

The biggest reasons is I can't knit right now due to my wrist.

Dave77459 said...

1. How did you find my blog? - Maybe all those BLOGGED things you posted on Flickr?

2. Why do you continue to read it? - Because you are fascinating.

3. What type of content would you like to see more of? - I echo Daaaaveeee above. I like the original content on the blog. I'd say I like the fashion posts and makeup reviews, but I'm supposed to ignore that stuff.

Heather said...

woo! enter me please! :)

1. via your Flickr
2. your sense of humour
3. i really like your product reviews and wardrobe stuff but I'd love to learn more about your everyday life too. (Of course I shoudl talk - I rarely post about that on my blog-s-)

Milly said...

enter me please
i found you thru Kim's blog roll
oh..i would like some more product reviews if possible :)

hillary said...

Milly I have at least 5 lined up but I was staggering them for fear of posting too often and people getting bored quickly.

hillary said...

and the winner is hailey!!!!