Thursday, March 19, 2009


My flickr "break" where I don't pressure myself to keep up with all 140 contacts and comment on everything every single day... Well its going great, so great infact I think I may take it a step furthur.
I took a break because, people were pissing me off and a hobby should not cause issue.
I was so tired of people making assumptions like they know me or what I do and don't like. I feel the need to defend when in reality they should just keep things to themselves. If I don't like your shirt or your shoes I don't tell you. If you ask me I might tell you what I think but I am not going to volunteer the information.
ANYWAYS. I am thinking a total flickr break might be nice. I am feeling too much pressue to keep up everyday and to post this or that.I think I need to focus my life on real tanglible things. I have so many projects that need working on. I have let one of my side jobs fall by the wayside and I really shouldn't I should devote my total attention to it.
The constant checking to see if I have enough approval is hurting my self worth too.

OK shut that book. bah.


mamichan said...

I hear ya. I sometimes feel guilty if I skip a few days of looking at flickr, like I HAVE to look at three days worth of everyone's photos. Lately I just comment on the w_r photos of contacts/friends and skip everything else.

Katie said...

dude, yes, if you feel pressured to comment on every thing and present awesome photos every single day (even though I love them), you need a break.

We love you, but keep your sanity any way you can.

Ally said...

Flickr overwhelms me and I do it in spurts. I always feel guilty when I don't comment.

hillary said...

ally that is why I need a break. The guilt! Ugh too many people to keep up with I wasn't doing things I NEED to do like dishes and work!