Friday, March 13, 2009

Finally got "pencil skirt in my size" off my list of wants. Its an odd kind of demin with back slit New York and Company
LIght grey heather tights with blue-grey tights over both Target
Shoes Charlottle Russe
Turtleneck H&M
Necklace Banana Republic
Earrings qvc
Kimono sweater Ann Taylor Loft

Hair bun again cause I am way over tired and my hair was still when when I woke. I spent the extra time on fun makeup. I am wearing my cokebottle glasses today (eyes too tie tie) too but I wanted to show of makeup.

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eden said...

Oh LADY, I am loving every bit of this outfit, esp. the pencil skirt but mainly the great color scheme. and your hair is looking DIVINE I might add.