Monday, March 02, 2009

eco savvy? Nah I just like little things.

Dave and I TRY to be eco savy. Bring grocery bags when we shop, reuse things, etc.... Its hard when you don't own a car means when we rent the car we have to remember to bring the bags we can't just leave them in the car like others. Then there is Peapod. We have been having groceries delivered recently and it comes with 483729483 bags. But last week at work I learned a new use for those bags. The circulation desk! I cleaned out my desk and found no joke at least 20 of those bags from me bringing things into work and me shoving the bag in my desk and forgetting about it. The desk is always having people ask for a bag when they check out books. What library actually does that? We always had kids ask me when I worked the desk at Berklee and I am a library frequenter and I have never had a library give out bags, so why do people always ask? Well I guess we do when we have them but its not something we seek out. Working on a different floor there are lots of things I don't know about my library.

OH yeah eco savy. So back when we used to get Living Without. (crap uh 2004?? last apt) they had Laptop Lunchboxes in them in a story about a mom who got one for her allergic child so he could feel like his lunch was fun and not a chore cause he couldn't buy lunches like the other kids. So you know dave. I found 2 codes online for discounts and ended up saving about 15 bucks off the order, we got 2 extra insides too. They came today and Dave packed our first lunches. He cooked dinner with lunch in mind.
Rice chex coated oven chicken (gf breadcrumbs are relo expensive) Maple cashew sauce, corn, parmesean potatoes, chocolate cupcake with peanut butter. The cupcake is from a Namaste mix. They turned out great if you like chocolate cake. I guess I am just not a huge fan. I look at it more as a carrier vessel for peanut butter. I love Namaste's spice cake. oh man I love that stuff.

oh and Dave did pick out my clothes for tomorrow for me week of "Letting my husband dress me" He even had requeseted a certain makeup and hair look.
stay tuned.


Ally said...

Our library gives out plastic bags and it makes me SO ANGRY. The sweet girl at my local branch told me she was going to stop giving them out b/c she's opposed (like so many other library patrons).

hillary said...

Lots of stuff makes you angry it seems.

Dave77459 said...

The grocery store we used before we moved had a plastic bag recycling can. They'd provide the bags to some service that would then reuse the bags for extra service. I think as aggregate in bricks or something.


Now we use them as our trash bags.

Do you think the codes for the Laptop Lunchboxes are still good? If so, would you mind beaming them to me? I want to start doing those for lunch. Eating out is dreadfully expensive.

Ally said...

Aww I hope that didn't come across wrong - I just really have a big issue with using plastic bags once and them getting tossed in the trash :)

Kelly said...

I don't have a Laptop lunch box, but I have another compartmentalized lunch box (just something I bought at the grocery store one day). I only use it once or twice a week because I like to get out of the office for lunch, but it is so great to throw leftovers in there and save $7 (which is what I usually spend on Subway every day)!

Also, I'm intrigued by this maple cashew sauce. Do you have a recipe? Did it go with the chicken?

mamichan said...

Yay for packing lunches!!

hillary said...

its dave's own recipe he made up. I will ask him to post it.