Monday, March 23, 2009

doot dooo doooo dooot dooo doo

I love my new ugly shoes. They are sparkly yellow and I got them for 88% off. Anyone who refers to a banana gets blocked. :) They are LEMON shoes.

Shoes Aldo That is a 4 inch heel baby. My first without a platform. I practiced all weekend on them.
Skirt Ann Taylor Its a booty skirt as fennlgirl calls them but my booty must of shrunk since I bought it.
Stirup tights Target
Turtleneck Target
Marc Jacobs inspired jacket Target. It reminds me a lot of a MJ jacket I coveted. Its different but reminiscent in a good way.
Earrings Hilary Duxman

Having a rough day. The other pics were too posed this was much more accurate to me today.

I clomped around the apt all weekend in these. I even wore them while I washed my delicate in the sink. I wore them thru all 3 Bourne movies. My sleeping is a bit better than it was in weeks past. Slept well last night but woke up with a migraine to beat the band. I thought my eye ball was going to pop out of my head it hurt so bad. You can see it all in my face. Now I have a headache mibraine is gone but am having some lovely sideeffects. oh joy. What ever anything is better than a migraine. I am not looking for sympathy please don't think that. This is just my life. The good and the bad.


Kelly said...

Oh man, migraines are the pits. I take a low-dose antidepressant every day which helps a little, but what actually made the biggest difference to me was adding iron and B-complex supplements to my daily routine. So take that for what it's worth.

In any case, your shoes are fabulous!

hillary said...

Is it nortriptyline? Been on it 6 years. Take a b complex magnesium and fish oil. Allergic to iron. Born with that. I started my migraines at about 10 so sadly they've tried it all and them some chiropractor. acupuncture. yoga. Allergist. Nutritionist. My next path is biofeedback. But thank you I apprecite it. I said all that to cause sometime I worry people think I'm not doing anything about them. I am it's just my genetic misery. My dad and gram are plagued too.

Kelly said...

I didn't think you weren't doing anything about them! I just know I struggled with them for so long, that I was almost pissed with myself when I finally realized that just taking some vitamins everyday would make the biggest difference. So now I just tell everyone in case something so simple can help them, too!