Thursday, March 05, 2009

Day 3

Day 3

Vest H&M
Shirt Libertine for Target
Pants H&M
Shoes Isaac Mizrahi for Target
Bangles all from Target

So today he wanted black smokey eyes like "Angelina Jolie" and a pink sticky nude lip like she does (I am always emailing him pics of her makeup I I like he's not obsessed with her)

He wanted messy curly hair and the high men's styled shoes.
When asked what he was going for he said "mens style clothes for women" he also feared this was something I would dress myself in. While these are my clothes I never would of put this tie blouse with a vest with a collar and never these heels with these pants but I love the combo and I never ever would of thought of bangles with mens wear I love the girly with the manly. I always do neutral makeup with mens wear so the messy eye makeup is fun. And I never ever would of thought of tying this like a tie. I always go to a bow.

I also happen to know he was going for "Trish Suhr" cause we watched Clean House last night and she had a similar outfit on and looked DAMN good. When confronted he said yeah I knew you'd catch that. He really wanted a bright shirt with this but I didn't have any to his liking.


Kelly said...

I wouldn't have ever thought to tie it like a tie, but I like it!

Tatum said...

this is my fave of the week. love the hair and the make up and the clothes!