Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Day 2

Ok Day 2. We can all see how he did today. Last night him picking was hilarious. There was one outfit he had me try on that we agreed was a big fat NO.

Dress it has waist pleats you can't see under belt. Very 50's next time it deserves cinoline. Target
Shirt New York and Company. Its pretty not plain so its funny under a dress. faux wrap empire waist low cut ish.
Brown leggins Newport News
Boots Aldo
Belt Steve Madden
Scarf Oscar de la Renta from gram its from 60's I think she said.

Not sure if you can tell but I have a side ponytail with the scarf wrapped around it.

Below is his pose for outfit. I like it a lot but it doesn't show the outfit well. He even said lets shoot regular ones incase I didn't like it. hee.
Well today he wouldn't tell me what he was "going for" but I know part of it. He wanted to play with long under short. He tried a different outfit before this which was this shirt, an American Apparel dress and skinny jeans. He was going for the girl version of the long sleeve t-shirt with shortsleeve button up over it that the alternaboys of our highschool day rocked so well. That outfit was a staple in weekend Dave's look for a few years.

I like the look. I am a big fan of the dress obviously as I bought it. I hadn't been able to wear it yet but this cut is something I always like on me. I was meant to wear 50's styles.
I really like how he incorporated the scarf. Very Jackie O chic. The side pony is fun too. Something I never ever do.

He was having an awful time finding a boot and belt combo. He basically made me realize I need more belts of a mid width. They were all too wide or too thin.


Kelly said...

I'm generally liking this outfit. I wouldn't normally think of long sleeves under a shirtdress...I may have to steal this! And that scarf is AWESOME.

Rachael said...

Love this, especially the scarf. Great colour on you!