Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Day 1 of the week I let my husband dress me.

Those of you who read my post last week about letting my husband dress me for a week. See here to read the initial post.

So today he picked the outfit, accessories, shoes, hairstyle and said he wanted me to pair it with a grey and purple smokey eye. For the hair he said he wanted big loose curls. Now I had never paired grey and purple eyemakeup before. I must say I really like how they look together. I used a medium silver grey for the whole lid and a vibrant lilac (as he didn't specify) for the crease and I wet a liner brush and lined the top lid and inner water line with the lilac. I went with a bright pink blush and a sheer red lip stain as those weren't specified either.

On to the outfit. He said it was too cold out for me to wear a skirt and that jeans were a starting place along with "lots of layers"
When asked what he was going for in this outfit he said
"city chic with a bit of faux vintage vibe is that right?" to which I said I can't tell you what you were going for!

Swing coat Target
Royal turtleneck (its blue in some lights purple in others) H&M I was told to point out how it matches the stripe in the coat
Wideleg trousers Gap
4 inch platform shoes Michael Kors.
Necklace I made for my etsy store than kept it.

While he was picking it all out I sat on the bed and said nothing. I had just cleaned up where my clothes lived and everything was all nicely available. He stood there with this blank lost look on his face touching things then putting them back. I saw one direction he was going in and got excited but he put it back. I KNEW he never liked that coat. heee. So first he picked the little swing coat I have only worn twice in the year I had it so it was nice to see it getting use. (I kinda forgot about it) and then he got a black turtleneck and put it back in favor of the royal one. At this point I could tell he was getting on a roll so I said "don't forget access..." and he shhhhed me. Genius at work sorry. He then asked me to find him a dark pair of jeans with a fitted cut on top loose bottom. I have 20 plus pairs of jeans and he was getting frustrated trying to figure out what pair was what. So I took out 4 pairs and layed them out for him. He had me try them on with the jacket and I said NOTHING. I let my drama days kick in and I didn't even make a face. He had me pull my hair back and he accessed. He then said ok this is the outfit.
He asked what I thought I told him I couldn't tell him anything he would have to wait. He told me about the hair and makeup choices and took out 5 different necklaces and put them on the coat and stood back and stared. He ended up with the Cameo.

When it came to shoes he said he wanted "dark heels" so I was merely pointing to my shoe rack when again I got my hand slapped. He picked these and once I put them on he said "don't you have anything that won't break your leg" I assured him it was like 2 inch heels that the platform made them VERY stable. He then asked if he has to feel bad if I break my leg on the day he dresses me. I said no.

First impression. Not bad, quite good actually. I feel comfy and chic.
I don't usually wear swing coats for fear they make me look fat. (I know yeah yeah) its a fear I have. But from the pics I think it actually works for me. I also like the dull color with the really vibrant top. I am used to wearing much more accessories so I feel a tish naked in that area but I think its good for me. I never would of paired a short bigish necklace with this coat but I like how it hits right at the button as if on purpose.
I am excited to see what is up next! He has a better eye for my shape than I thought he would.

oh and he told me to pose "interestingly"

When I told my gram about this experiment she said "Oh like Clinton on what not to wear" I said yes but with my own clothes not a makeover exactly. She seemed to dig it.


mamichan said...

I can see "wardrobe stylist" in his future. And nice call on the grey/purple smoky eye, it looks fabulous.

Kelly said...

I like it! Will he come make an outfit for me?

I don't know if I've just not seen a good picture of your hair lately, but it is a lot redder than I thought! I really like it!

hillary said...

between the 4 cameras we own and my color shampoo it does vary daily. Some its more vibrant that others. OH and the flash. The flash on todays camera is a big more aggressive than some of the others. I have been dying it the same color since last june but if you look at my remix history its all over the map. Sun, water, shampoos they all change it.

Heather said...

I think he did an amazing job. The turtleneck and the swing coat are really fabulous together and I ike that he went with a brown heel instead of an obvious black or grey shoe or boot.

hillary said...

In the sanders household we don't mix black and brown. Its just a nono. BUT we decided grey could go both ways. (this is a past year development) and this coat is actually brown stripes sooo the brown shoes.

I don't think I own grey shoes. need to remedy that.