Monday, March 02, 2009

busy bee

We had a snow day today so I spent my day making a mixed cd and sewing various pouches. It took me literally hours to make the cd. I was thinking about it and its been at least 6 years since I really made a mixed cd. I felt like I was 15 again trying to find the perfect combo of songs and them to go together without being overdone. Well I decided to go with song "I like to sing at the top of my lungs" as the theme. I IMed a friend who owns upwards of 100 gigs of music, a friend who isn't well known for humoring me. Some may call him rude. I call him Jason.

Me- "Making a mixed cd is wicked hard" Him- "No shit"

Yup that about sums it up.
I think it came out decent. Dave liked it and stole the second copy I made. My printer has been out of ink for literally a year. Shows how much I print. After I hand wrote out the track list dave reminded me of my new sticker printer.
Well I hope she likes it.

Anyone else game for a cd swap? I am always open to new music.

oh and here are the things I sewed.

The drawstring pouch I skipped an entire step on. Luckily it is still functional if not a tish wonky. I lined it in black.

The other pouch was my first go at a zipper. I mangled and broke a needle. No more zippers til I get a zipper foot. I ironed on vinyl to the fabric to make it more durable. My sticker printer fits in it perfectly! Kismet!

oh and by the by. Godaddy FINALLY fixed my webaddress. The address you already have still works but if you ever forget it or are telling a friend "oh you have to check out this witty girls blog" now works again. (yes it used to for oh about 6 years I have actually owned the name for about 10 years at this point) Its even better because I have over 5oo business cards with that address on them too. Dave made them back in college if that tells you something.



eden said...

wow, your homemade pouches are super rad! i especially like the one with the ironed-on vinyl. lovely fabrics and beautiful work :-)

julie mack said...

I love the little pogo printer pouch! it's fabulous!

mamichan said...

Cute! I always mess up zippers when I sew.

hillary said...

there is a reason why there is not zipper detail shots.