Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ah the memories misty teen spirit scented memories.

I didn't just spend the last 15 minutes on YouTube watching New Kid's on the Block videos and enjoying every moment of it.
There comes a point in your life were its ok again to like something. I am at that point. In 1990 my stepasshole (i mean brother) moved in with us and that was the same year I decided I no longer liked the New Kids. I was in middle school, it just wasn't COOL any more. The two events had nothing to do with one another. He thought other wise. I was just at the point in my life where I was shunning the things "kids" like cause I was adult don't ya know. I was 12 what the hell did I know. (the fact that I have been the same height since oh 91 has nothing to do with it, just as an aside)

While some girls were a Donnie fan or a Joey woman I only had eyes for Jonathan. Big surprise hillary falls for the gay one huh? (if only you knew. Stories for another day and venue. I do know who reads this. hello blog tracker)
But now almost 20 years on (glup) I am changing my loyalties. I like them all EXCEPT for Danny. Why? other than the fact that people refered to him as monkey boy? (I never saw that) he looks EXACTLY like my stepasshole (brother damn I don't know what keeps happening. I think one thing type another entirely) Mom back me up on this?


There would be an embeded video there if youtube weren't New Kid's Nazis and runining all the embeding fun.

Joey? Why did I ever hate you? You are friggin adorable.

But New Kid's aside my heart truely lives with another southie.

Do you have any idea how hard it was to find a picture of him with his shirt on? I could of posted the Calvin Klein picture but that was too obvious. I will never stop calling him Marky Mark no matter how old he is or how many "I am a movie stah" movies he is in.

So I want there to be a tv show or movie where Marky and the New Kids meet up and fight crime. All the while dropping their R's and breaking out into dance numbers.

ah a girl can dream can't she.

I think Dave and I have to rent Fear this weekend. He might hurt me for saying this but the only person who has seen that movie more than me is Dave.


Heather said...

I also can only ever call him Marky Mark and must admit to also adoring him in Fear.

Megan said...

I was always a Jordan fan, even when he made a comeback in 1999. My dad cut off his rattail and pulled out his earring on his Barbie doll replica on my 9th birthday. Le sigh.

Megan said...

OH and I own Fear. When Ben and I play fight I beat up my own chest. And I can't help but giggle everytime I hear "Wild Horses" by Mazzy Star.

Kimberly said...

Joe, Jon, Jordan, Danny, Donnie - that was how I had them ranked in cuteness back in the day. Donnie was too much of a bad boy for me, so he got moved below Monkey Boy.

As for Fear - Nicole 4-Eva!

mamichan said...

I was a Joey girl. And I love Mark. I am on a mission to see every movie he's ever been in.

hillary said...

I think who you liked says a lot about you or about how you were then. haaa.

Kimberly I love that you thought he was a bad boy. heee. I just thought he was too much like the kids I know. Says a lot about my hometown. haaa.

Kimberly said...

I was a total dork in my NKOTB days - living in southern Indiana. It didn't take much for me to think someone was a bad boy. I quickly got over my opposition to bad boys in middle/high school and grew to ♥ them!