Wednesday, February 11, 2009

You know that I could use someday

Ah so its Wednesdays. Wednesdays are big days for me. Big in the sense I don't have a life and having two things in a day to do makes it seem important. I had my weigh in today. I missed last week due to my root canal and the week before she didn't come in cause her kid was home because it was a state snow day. So 3 week in between makes my eye twitch some. I am a creature of habit so to have that routine interrupted makes me all off.

Damn Beyonce just came up on my ipod. I stinking love this song. I am finally spending my itunes gift cards getting random ear worm songs. Single girls. I just love that damn song. Mostly cause I feel that way about a lot of my friends. You ain't gettin any younger. You know who you are. :P Ok sorry bad friend.

Sorry sidetracked.
So tonight is mini date night. With the hubs (oh that was obnoxious I don't say hubs) well with him in school full time and working full time we don't have much time together. So we meet by his school on Wed night because he has late class and we eat at Uno's. They have a gluten free menu and then I take his leftovers home for him. Last week he about licked the plate clean and was sad Thursday when there was no leftovers for lunch. I get there before him so I usually order for him and watch Golden Girls on my ipod while waiting. I tried watching Sex and the City but the waiter came up while Samantha was boinking someone and I got embarassed. Golden Girls is much safer. Friday's is no homework night too. He is forbidden from doing homework no matter what he has due. (except during finals) We find this is how we keep him sane and not wanting to drop out and hating what is really his passion. I seem to remember he told me in my ambien haze that he rented a car for Friday. SHIT that means I have to figure out how to tivo Dollhouse. Ever since we got that cable box the tivo is harder to program. I would CRY if I missed it.

OH shoot this was a wardrobe post wasn't it. I got lost on my 4th playing of the song.

Skirt Gap $7
Oyster pink blouse Banana Republic $12
Cream lace tights Gap $1
Green Tights Target?
Green Cardigan Ann Taylor $12
Tri color bangles Gap $1.99
Shoes Isaac Mizrahi Target (don't remember)

My skirt is a bit too big which is too bad its meant to sit highwaisted and from the large waistband its pleated. and the RIGHT LENGTH.

Makeup details
Ivory mousse stick foundation Avon. its new and I love it!
Mac blush in Spaced out its peach
Stila eyeshadow in Acupulco lime on eyes and for liner, the brown as liner as well, the white in the crease,
Mac lipgelle in Cellopink
Maybelline colossal lash mascara


Kimberly said...

heeee, I had an episode of SATC on my ipod today while working on some fun budgets in my office and the IT guy came in right as Samantha was boinking someone too. I have never hit pause so fast before in my life. Hope you had a great date night!

Kimberly said...
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hillary said...

oh dude I meant to tell you! So have you ripped things for the itouch yet? I wanted to tell if you hadn't figured it out yet. Handbrake. its free and you can rip all your dvds. I ripped all season one SATC last week. Just follow the directions its painfully easy and user friendly!