Sunday, February 08, 2009

What you reading over there?

This morning I was reading a blog post on Kimberly's non-fashion blog and it appears to of evaporated so I can't link it. But she was listing magazines she reads each month. I thought oh I don't read that many. Uh yeah I don't know who I was kidding. I forgot about all the magazines that get routed to my desk via interlibrary magazine subscriptions. A whole stack of this weeks mags show up on my desk. We as staff get them before the public. We have little slips on them with who "subscribes" and you pass it on to the next person on list when your done. (I get so many sometimes I hold up the show. oops)

So I am curious what do you read in magazines. Maybe you read something I am interested in!

Read monthly
National geographic
The New Yorker

Real simple
Life and style


Ally said...

Motortrend (Al's but I find it interesting)
Popular Mechanics (see above)
Prevention (freebie I get that's surprisingly full of good info)
Bon Appetit (my all-time fav!)
Cooking Light
Maxim (no idea how we got that one but it goes in the bathroom. haha)
Today's Diet & Nutrition (2nd to BA - always has good GF and organic and healthy recipes)

I think that's it. I used to get Allure and Glamour but I'm pretty much offended by all the bullsh*t in them so I didn't renew. I do miss all the makeup stuff in Allure though.

anna said...

Nice question! I'll be interested to see what all of you list. I read:

Organization of American Historians (uh...)
National Geographic
Craft (though I don't subscribe- i pick up at the bookstore)
Cooking Light
Bon Appetit
Gourmet (yep, three cooking mags)
Martha Stewart
Interweave Knits
Entertainment Weekly
Us Weekly (though really it's biweekly or so since I only read it at the manicurist)
Real Simple

Ally said...

Ooh I forgot about Interweave Knits!

hillary said...

see you are already giving me new ideas!

Ally did you know Domino went bellyup? I was so upset I used to get it when I remembered at the bookstore.

oh occasionally
Weight Watchers
Living without. These are all ones that aren't that interesting to get reguarly but sometimes have great stuff.

Ally said...

I am so sad too! I want that book they recently put out.

anna said...

ooh yah- that domino book is really nice. I'm pretty sad about them going under---it was the only decorating magazine where I could actually afford SOME of the ideas and wasn't geared towards giant houses!

Hillary--- how is ReadyMade these days? I used to get it during its first years, but when they started devoting their big projects to things like "How to build your own biodome" and "how to decorate your abandoned fire station" I got kind of fed up. It was such a fun magazine, though, with such great ideas. Are they back to their roots these days-- do you think it's worth going back to?

julie mack said...

domino (sniffsniff)

treesaw said...

Ooh, I'm obsessed with magazines...

Entertainment Weekly
Women's Health
Runner's World
Flare (Canadian fashion mag)
LOULOU (Canadian shopping mag a la Lucky)
Glow (freebie from Shoppers Drug Mart - fashion/beauty)
Food & Drink (freebie from the liquor board - awesome recipes)

Real Simple

Heather said...

The only magazine I read regularily is Canadian Living. I occassionally buy In Style, Vogue, Fashion or Flare but really that's it.

mamichan said...

treesaw, I always look for Flare in airports and in Canada.

I used to read tons of mags, but I cut back.

Domino (until it's gone)
Real Simple (though I am not renewing my subscription)
Mpls.St.Paul Magazine

For work I have to read a bunch of art magazines.

rabespierre said...

here's my nerd list:

the london review of books
poetry magazine
the urban outfitters and anthropologie catalogs
the ny times
and a bunch of academic journals

xxx hilary aka hermsprong (aka rabespierre)

Kathy said...

I used to read a ton of magazines, but I also cut back! These are my subscribtions:

Mother Jones
Utne Reader
The Sun