Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Welcome to the 30-something club my love

My bestest friend I will ever have in my entire life (lofty statement I know but I am confident in it) turned 30 yesterday. It's making it more real I am now. Now we just have Dave left. His is in July. I have known Ms V since we were 6. Back then I was the tall one and she was my petite little french fry.
We spent all of our birthdays together until we were 14 and I moved the month before my 15th bday. I remember her 9th birthday my mom sewed us matching tie dye shirts and I got such a kick out of her wearing it. Although she was always my friend I always thought she was too good for me and would realize it and leave me. But she stayed. She wrote me weekly and in college sometimes daily. We used to ride a tandum from her house to Wal-Mart to stock up on all things glitter. We adopted a cabbage patch together and put both our names on her birth certificate. A lot of things of my first times in life were with her. First time I snuck out. First time I got caught sneaking in. First time I had my eyebrows done. haaa yeah my mom reads this so I will keep it pg. heee. She introduced me to my husband. She also supported us when we started dating although he was our friend's exboyfriend. When she graduated college I bought a star in her name with her fake middle name in it.
We lost touch for 7 year. It was a rough time. I mean I lived life and was happy and things were great but it wasn't quite right. Even when I thought I would never see her again and could go months without thinking about her. Then I would dream about her and it would leave me fretting for a week.

We seem to still be treding lightly with one another but I think it will all work out. I know that cause my heart swells when I think about her and how damn proud of her I am. She has made a nice little life for herself and her husband. She is amazing woman and I am honored to have her in my life. Its richer for it.

Happy Birthday E.
<3 hillary


E said...

Aw, that's so sweet. I'm sure she feels equally just as proud of you, Lady. I'm glad you've reconnected <3

hillary said...

she loved it. She saw it prior to the picture being up I can't wait to see what she thinks. Haaa the pic is 13 years ago when me her dave and another friend went to this fantastic bridge and hung out on it over the ocean. Well she was the only one who HUNG!

E said...

Fun!! Oh, it's perfect :)