Tuesday, February 24, 2009

using mah stash

So I have all these beautiful psychedelic fat quarters (1/4 yard of fabric)from when I was young and stupid and thought I was going to sew my own wedding dress. Then I realized oh wait I didn't know how to sew.
As I mentioned yesterday me and sewing have a rocky past but I am determined to learn how. So I made the skirt on Sunday under close supervision of the husband who can sew, beautifully too. (I will post some of his things below)

I had pulled out all my fabric when I went to make the skirt and I found my dozens of fat quarters and a bunch of rough raw silk my mother in law had given me one Christmas. I couldn't think of many easy things to make with such little fabric. Then cleaning my purse last night I thought a little drawstring pouch! So I can put all the little things I move from bag to bag all week (contact drops, meds, chapstick)

So I decided to line it in the raw silk because although its breathtakingly gorgeous I can't stand to touch it. Same as with linen. Its like nails on a chalk board to my fingers. So I am still no master or even good seamstress. My seams aren't that great (I think the cold medicine is partly to blame for that) and I don't know how to change the bobbin yet. So I went with what I had and we shall call it "practice" (ok that's an excuse for the unmatching thread)

I am pretty happy all things considered.

Dave made me this alice costume and this 1950's dress. I have a few more things he has made for me in the past. This summer I am chaining him to the sewing machine.


Megan said...

omg DAVE made you that dress? I love the piping!!!

T2 said...

It's so tiny! From the flickr pic, I thought it was much bigger. CUTE!

I need to take some lessons from Dave. I've got a project for HL that has been cut out and ready for the needle for months. But I've avoided it like a mid-term exam.

hillary said...

its about 6 by 8 or so. I didn't have much fabric to work with. Perfect for bottom of purse. I want to make one now to slip my laptop in.

Heather said...

he can sew like that and here I am giving him knitting as a hobby! I think you did very well for your little drawstring bag. Good idea too!

hillary said...

yeah but getting him to sew is a WHOLE other story.

Dave77459 said...


What is a fat quarter?
That fabric is teh awesome.

> unable to comply

> unable to comply


hillary said...

I even put what it was in ()
cause I knew you would ask. :)

Dave77459 said...

You are the BEST! You explained what it was, 9 words into the post. I'm sorry for glazing over the parenthetical statement.

Also, although someday I hope to surprise you with an intelligent question, I suspect I never will. Clever you.

Rachael said...

Dude you have inspired me. I borrowed my mum's sewing machine two weeks ago and the box has been gathering dust (mostly from my fear that sewing will be yet another thing I suck at) but I'm going to give it a go.