Thursday, February 12, 2009


I always forget to do this. I have done a few.

So I blew my Latte, Lunch and Lipsgloss allowance last night 2 days early on things I loved and said OH yeah I need to do a things I love Thursday. (It is more of a budget but saying allowance is much funnier)

So la list. WARNING superficial list to follow. Read at own risk of finding me shallow.

Marc Jacobs. I have even got Dave on board with this one. He just KNOWS me and designs just for me I decided (validating so shut it)

American Apparel I know there is a lot of hate for this company. Yes the guy is a asshole, but most companies have assholes running them. He is upfront in his assholery. Also they still have a great company concept and execution. I don't even mind the I am so cool hipsters that work there.

Getting flip flops in my size even though its Feb and a good 4-5 months before I can wear them.

Hello Kitty for MAC

H&M I love this store I really do. I don't like the new Europeany H&M we got only because they have all this stuff I love and covet and the price point is too high in my opinion (dresses for 70, I mean its H&M!)

Knee high socks. I have at least 20 pairs and wear them all winter and smile knowing I have crazy socks on under my cold weather clothes

Brown and turquoise

Purple pens

When people write insanely nice things about me on their blog. (love ya T)

NIN Pretty Hate Machine. I think this may be in my top 10 albums.

58 degree days in February

Being 30. Shocking I know. I fought it but I feel liberated strangely lately.

VW Rabbit cause it has heated seats. We rented it for Valentines day.

Valentines day. I hate all the hate around this day. It makes me squishy. All the red and hearts. Also my favorite person (besides dave) her name is Valentine. I could never hate that.

Anniversaries. This week is 10 years since dave moved cross country to be with me. (so we have lived together 10 years as well)

Whiny sad yet upbeat emoish songs. (think Clem Snide)

Ok thats it for now.


mamichan said...

30s are better than 20s. Because we're just that much smarter now.

treesaw said...

Oh no, please do not refer to Clem Snide as emo. No no no.

I totally agree with you on 30. It was one of the best years of my life. And 35 ain't bad either.

I wish I had a valentine, cause I actually think it's a nice holiday. But I don't. Poor me.

Enjoy your warm bum on VDay!

hillary said...

OK so I was listening to Loneliness finds her own way and that SONG is emo.