Thursday, February 26, 2009

Things I love Thursday

Alright things I love eh?

Wednesday mini date night. Husband and I meetup a couple blocks from his school and have dinner at Uno's before he leaves for class. The rest of the week he isn't home til 11 sometimes later so this is a nice thing. We usually have an hour after dinner to go to American Apparel or the Apple store or last night Marc Jacobs! (didn't get nuffin) its fun and nice.

Uno's gluten free menu.
Dave  has CHOICES, not you can have these two items.

Lush natural homemade organics.
omg lush. You can smell it from a few hundred feet back. A little random fact. I have been shopping with Lush before they even had a store in the United States. I used to order from a newspaper catalog back in late 90's. Dave mentioned that last night and I had completely forgot!!

I hurt like a mofo I can't even imgine if I hadn't had novicane how bad it would of been. youch!

My mom.
We will probably both openly admit we didn't always get along. I think we were too close in age. We fought like what I think sisters might of. But we have mellowed out in the past 5 years and now get along well 98% of the time. I love that. We are both random as hell and have ADD and are catty. We make each other cry we laugh so hard. I can call her up all fired up and she knows what I want.
"Who we hate today baby I'll get the bastard"
and within 5 minutes I am totally over it. I just want a cheerleader for a minute!
I don't think anyone will ever make either of us laugh as much as we do for one another. But we also have weirdo psychic bond.
Once I fainted in the doctors office and fell over into a wall. I wasn't sick so it wasn't expected my mom sitting in the waiting room at the time came running and pushed her way in the back. She KNEW what had happened. When she tells it she says "I knew that thud could only be my child"

She can send me a two line email that makes me smile so big. I don't know how she does it. I think cause there isn't any explaination we both assume the other GETS IT. She once gave me a packet of sugar that said "never explain, enemies don't believe and friends don't need it" or somthing like that.

Its not that I hate my job. Its not a bad job, the pay isn't that bad. (I always forget about the annual merit increase) but 4:30pm its like the weight is off my shoulders. I don't have to think I don't have to do anything but GET HOME. I can go shopping, home, the bookstore. It doesn't matter cause as of 4:30pm my life is all mine.

The fact that my husband isn't like "typical men"
He doesn't watch sports (cept red sox) He doesn't drink beer (well he can't but even when he could) He doesn't like "hanging out with the guys" He loves cats and knows how to cook and sew. But he is 100% man. Along with the good are the boy triats no one likes. The messy, lazy at times, distracted by Scarlett's rack (but who isn't really?? I mean honestly) and clueless traits but I will take some of those cause the good is so good. Whats that sayings? Without the sour the sweet wouldn't be so sweet?? What is it? Please leave a comment if you know what it is I want to memorize it,

Colored paperclips.
What is it about them?? I smile and giggle a little when I put them on my papers and put them in a bin for the big boss. I think cause I think they will know it is me.


Rachael said...

I love this post.

David said...

Woman! Bet me mah beer!
scratch scratch

Dave77459 said...

I'm not distracted by racks, but that is the one thing that I might be better at than Dave.

I agree with Rachel, I love this post.

hillary said...

pete- if you drank beer I would totally get you one.

Dave- He is not a rack man normally either. I think its scarlett in particular.