Thursday, February 19, 2009

Things I love Thursday

Ok I remembered! I was thinking I might do a things I DISlike thusday. But then I thought why not do both?

Myspace angles. They kill me EVERY time. oh man.

Garden state the movie.  Sam and Andrew are so much like Dave and I its alarming. He's metal and I come from a crazy family (hey crazy doesn't mean bad! We are UNIQUE)

Tap dancing

Gwen Stefani. I want platinum hair. Like really really bad. Really bad.

Lolcats. Make me smile. I know people are over than. I doubt I ever will be. I will be that crazy cat lady. Puffy paint and all.


Shovey people on the T. Makes me stabby.

That I get along better with men that women. Sometimes I wish I just had a girl who I could call at all hours. Boys aren't like that.

18 year old girls. They just annoy the shit out of me. I work at the WRONG place to have that affliction

People who guess my heritage and then proceed to call me by that. The name is Hillary not Irish lass. I am not even full Irish I am like half. Boston is the wrong city for that affliction as well. Oh and if you don't know me don't call me Darling while your at it. (sorry davezipcode for my flip out at your space he made me stabby)

WHILE WE are on the subject. Don't call me Hillary Clinton. While I like her, heck I would of voted for her. I am Hillary not Hillary Clinton.


megan said...

Silly, you can always call me at all hours.

Kelly said...

I am with you on the girls thing. I tend to get along better with guys, and I hate it, because sometimes I just need some quality girl time, or someone to lean on when a boy makes me mad, and I don't have anyone there. I feel like I try very actively to make girl friends, but it's like I just can't do it.

anna said...

oooooh i say darlin' all the time! but i have never referred to you as irish lass! (did you know i'm half irish? paternal gram and gramps straight from Sligo! But people NEVER guess! wonder why? haaaaa)

and you can call me anytime, i will email you my ph. I am a GREAT girls' girlfriend- loyal to the core, will never turn my back on you to flirt with boys (major pet peeve that one of my IRL girlfriends does!), and will go out of my way to come and scoop you up if your train takes you past your stop and your shoes are too uncomfortable to walk home. I'm serious! I've actually done it for my sister before!