Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Repeat from flickr

For my non flickr frens
Ok for those who haven't been paying attention I have had a shitty past few days. Mind you I am not whining I am merely recounting so we are on same page

this weekend
Oh I don't know which part was worse.
The GIANT zipcar fine for being literally 5 minutes late.
The guy screaming at dave who was waiting for said car.
Dave falling down two flights of stairs (nothing broken but he is sore)
The computer kicking the bucket. Oh yes the $3,500. one. fuck.
That I got bit HARD by the kitten we wanted. So we were unable to get her.

then today.
My train's doors didn't open at my stop. We were all stuck on it and they had no idea and continued to next stop. People were screaming and pushing and beating on the doors. bah. I walked home the extra mile in my 4 inch boots. I was NOT getting on another train it was 5 and insane!!!!

So I decide to stop at a real restaurant and have a sit down dinner all by myself. While there  I come up with a new life plan via text with megan.  I go to little girls room before i leave and well I fell off the toilet and busted my hand (bleeding and everything) trying to NOT hit the floor with my pants down. my god.enough already.

So I walk home the longest way possible. Yes in my high boots. My feet were killing me but I wasn't ready to go to an empty house.

Know how I always say I am unlucky in life but lucky in sales?
I got a $8 suede mini skirt at the gap. So I hobble home happy and such and

then I got sictransitgloria's card. It was from Mary-kate olsen to me.
There has never been a better card in the entire life of cards.
nope this is it.
It came at the right moment and made my lifetime.
I love it and you anna! really. I tell dave I don't need fancy things in life, letter from mary-kate that is what I need.

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