Friday, February 27, 2009

Playing catch up.

Yeah so this week. I dunno. I was sick, had a fever, a horrific dental appointment and well yeah.
Sucked pretty much. I will say though I had some people reach out to me this week and say things that just warmed my heart and showed me there are people out there who actually care.

yeah yeah on with the show.

Thursday's outfit. I got to say I am not too pleased with Thursday's or Friday's. Apparently some weren't feeling today's either. Shows I am intune with what works and not if I can identify that I guess. I blame the drugs. (cold drugs, geesh.)

Had a dentist appointment before work. Where they ground my damn tooth down. Grinded my gums whiles they were at it. DAMN that hurt. I still keep trying to pop the temp crown off with my tongue. I only bit my dentist once this time. For me that is impressive.

The top half of this outfit is picked out by the husband. By picked out I mean he saw this shirt with a red cardigan on a dummy and made me walk around the store looking for the shirt and then buying it. I told him I had 2 red cardigans already. Some peoples husband's love them in a low cut dress. Mine loves oxfords. (I blame it on his catholic school days)

Shirt NY and co
Sweater F21 in Vegas
Shoes Cole Haan. I got these last night but I think I am going to return them. The guilt was too much and they need breakin in... yeah they go back.
Jeans H&M these are the pleated jeans with cuffs.
Earrings f21
Necklace Tiffanys

Avon mousse foundation in Ivory
Blush by mac in solar flare
Lips Mac hello kitty mimmy
Eyeshadow a loreal quad in shimmery browns.

Friday _ today

You know what it is? I don't feel like myself.

I am not the type of girl who wears black pants. I don't know I guess I am not used to it. I bought them cause a blogger told someone to get out of her black pants rut. My warped mind was like ooh I don't even own black pants.
Yeah I guess there was a reason.

Today is annual Clean ya damn cube day. We get 7 hours to just clean. Go thru files, organize etc. It usually involves me on my hands and knees at some point getting all the monkey pictures and Dilbert comics that have fallen behind my desk thru the year. It is supposed to be almost 60 today. A big change from the 30's and below we had thru the rest of the week. I wanted to wear a dress but the whole crawling around thing....

My bosses boss made a beeline for me this morning. "You are over dressed arent you" I assured her that I wasn't The sweater was dirty and it was essentially a t (bit fancyish) and knit pants. Oh and I didn't even brush my hair. See not fancy. schlubby.

Sweater and Pants New York and Co
Shirt Target
Shoes Charlotte Russe
Earrings qvc I took them off after the pic. I felt too much shiny
Necklace Mark by Avon

Makeup I did a thick teal line on my upperlid and winged it out. My husbands favorite makeup look ever. He loves it cause he "discovered it" I had made him sit thru 6 seasons of SATC and after a season he started to pay attention being as it wasn't going away. One time carrie had a thick blue line on top lid and that was it and he paused it and said "ooh thats cool you could do that. Its colorful makeup with out looking over the top" so its his discovery. :)

never fails either. I came out of bathroom today and he kind of proclaimed OOH SO pretty.

On an unrelated note. I have this fantastic action script on my computer at work that is now mia from the interwebs. I can't stop using it on photos. I LOVE the results. I need to bring it home so I can play with it even moreeeeeeee.

So me and boo. To make it up for the weak outfit posts.


Kelly said...

I love that blue top! I think it's awesome your husband likes you in oxfords. I always find it interesting when BF proclaims he likes something that I usually think of as so anti-male-attention.

Andrea said...

SO sorry about the crappy dentist appt. I have had a few of those recently, myself.