Thursday, February 19, 2009

Not sure what to say

Ok this is so bizarre and yet beautiful.
It has all the elements.
Cotton candy
Hello Kitty
Big hair
Dudes in Hello Kitty masks (huh?!)
Knee socks


julie mack said...

I rarely watch any videos online; even when friends share (I'm bad, I know!). But I watched this one. All the way through.

WTF & wow!
In addition to the very fine things that you've listed, there's also:
• a live black cat!
• a twistedly wonderful version of alice in wonderland.

this is awesome. thank you!

hillary said...

I was going to mention them and the guys with head distracted me! I even own an alice costume I love it so much!

Dave77459 said...

The fact that you even found this demonstrates that you travel in an alternate plane of consciousness from me.

That was some weirdness. How'd they get the cat to walk on the path?