Saturday, February 14, 2009

Nifty 50

I have been lusting after a 50mm since I first learned that is how you get the really great bokeh images on FGR last spring. Well Cupid got me one for Valentine's day. I love love love it already. I can see it getting a whole lot of use. We got some of the best photos of Daisyboo ever with it today. She is just so hard to capture being all black down to her nose. These two are my favorites.


Rachael said...

Score! Amazing shot.

Kelly said...

Ooo what a nice cupid!

anna said...

these are really great shots of the kitty! i love my fiddy, but for the nikon, the cheaper one doesn't have an AF, so I rarely use it for self portraits. But you know what I love using it for? Pictures of The Egg! Almost every photo of her is the fiddy. Cat pics are the best!

you lil girl is such a lover! What a nice surprise in my email from her!