Tuesday, February 17, 2009

mystify meeeeeeeeeee

Some silken moment goes on foreverrrrrrrrrrrrr sorry Hutchence gets me every time. Talk about going before your time. Dear lord he was a sexy mofo.I still remember exactly where I was and with who when I learned he had died.  I was visting 2 kids from my husband's highschool at UNH with some friends of mine. We had stopped at a convience store to get something and it came on the radio.
le sigh.

Anyways I was so influenced by men's style growing up. More so my dad than my mom at times. Ripped jeans and a rocker t-shirt with combat boots was so damn cool to me in highschool. My mom threw more than one pair of my dad's jeans when I was at school. My dad used to take me to "The Jeans Man" at the fleamarket a few towns over on Sunday mornings. I think I need to wear some men's wear this week. I am just feelin it. Structured vests and crisp lines. My dad now well he is a jeans , tshirt and hightops man so yeah it was more so in the past. But he has a few jackets I would sell a toe for. Perfectly worn jean jackets and corduroy jackets lined in shearling.

Attempting to use new lens for remix shots. We need practice due to the new focal length. For this he was at the top of the stairs and I was down one entire flight and it did this "Hillary has no neck thing" Some of the outtakes were quite hilarious.

What I can only identify as a snow leopard Cardigan NY and Co. I Started mixing purple and black last summer and I think its my favorite after red black and white.
Black pants NY and co. My first pair in god knows how many years. I as reading Fashion for Nerd where she was making over someone who was stuck in a black pants and top rut. I thought it was funny cause I didn't own a single pair of black pants.
Purple and pink knee highs Target
Isaac Oxfords Target
Necklace Avon
Earrings Holly Joy to the World
Turtleneck H&M
Watch Kenneth Cole

Avon Mousse foundation in Ivory
Smashbox primer
Maybelline Colossal lash mascar
Mark flipforit in Tokyo on eyes and cheeks
Lips Mac Hello Kitty in Mimmy
Benefit eyebright on lower water line
YSL underbrow under eyes, nose and under lip and top of cheeks
Brow powder in Auburn by MAC

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anna said...

just gorgeous--- love that cardigan!

And weird coinkydink, too--- was just having a conversation with Nick about how INXS was my first obsession---- 7th grade or so. Then we went out and bought Listen Like Thieves.

By the way-- your photos aren't updating in my flickr contacts page, so I'm a bit behind on commenting! I thought all my pals hadn't updated all weekend!