Thursday, February 19, 2009

my emotions, they are all over the map

Ok so I was over at reading Sal's post today about Land's End. (Which I admit to buying things from) and all a sudden I notice that the ad on the right is for none other than Celiac Disease! My instant reaction was ZOMFG and I took a screen shot excited and giddy.
Then I thought about it.
Celiac and allergies get a lot of bad press. People think you are being "picky" if you are in a restaurant or at a friends house and decline something because of an allergy. They think you are lying. No dude I want to die if I have Sesame. The wimpy character on tv shows always has food allegies and they tease him about it. WTF.
So those ads you see on websites. 99% of the time they are stupid, flashing or just annoying with a womans fast stomach larger than life and saying LOSE 30lbs this week (by what cutting off your arm?)
So is Celiac annoying?? Is that what this ad is saying?

Celiac disease is the #1 underdiagnosed disease and it is not an allergy actually its an autoimmune disease (like Diabetes or HIV) where it attacks your ENTIRE body when you have the offending item. You whole system goes into panic mode. Years of this happening leads to cancer and other diseases.

what the heck blog ad.

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Kelly said...

I have a lot of health problems and they impact what and how I can eat. I HATE going out to eat with people on first dates, the first time I meet a new friend, etc. I sound super picky and a lot of times, I can only eat 1-2 things on the menu. But of course, if anyone suggests we eat in, I have to dictate how everything is prepared and that is just as annoying to people. I hate seeming so high-maintenance when it's not something I can control!