Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday I don't care about you.

Today well today was a roller coaster ride. Woke up feeling terrible. Got to work no boss. Which is neither here nor there we all keep to ourselves but it also is a nice feeling "the boss is away". Had an all staff meeting that was long painful. Have some friends going thru rough times. All I can do is say "buck up and do the right thing" and its up to them to well do it.
Just call me <a href="">Becktress Jr. today.</a>

She wore an A-line skirt with a thin hoody and cowboyish but not cowboy boots a few weeks ago and I said I was going to do a version. All my loves, a-line skirts, HOOODDDIES and boot.  I even attempted the cute hairdo as well but my migraine said NO WAY JOSE.

I have admired Becktress' skirts her sister custom makes for her. For Christmas my mom sent me a skirt makign book. No patterns but it teaches you how to draft your own patterns and make them up as you go. Becktress commented on how that is the book her sister makes her skirts! It was like I was meant to copy her! heee. So this is my first skirt I completely drafted the pattern and made myself. Dude to a small mathematical error my mom, husband and I all thought was one thing turned out to be another so this skirt is about 2 sizes too big. I think it would EASILY fit a 10 or 12. But I know where my math was off so I know what to do next time! I shall save my pattern and just mark it 10/12 and make me a new one. I got the length right. I have sewn maybe a dozen articles of clothing for myself in the past 15 years. All well they weren't so hot. I chucked it up to sewing wasn't a skill I had.  I messed all of them up in one big fashion or another. But this skirt? its darn perfect. I have straight seams I even finished them. My hem is straight everything is. My husband remarked he was amazed I made this. Thats not an insult. I just am not known for my precision cutting, sewing or hemming. 

Skirt as rambled above designed and sewed by ME yesterday
Sweater leggins NO idea where I got them
Boots Kenneth Cole $10 for $200 boots at the Filenes going out of business sale in 2006. My cobbler was in love with them.
Hoodie Old Navy. Its part of their more fitted line. I could never wear clothes from there often cause they are all cut for above average size women (meaning over 5'4&quot; which is the average height for an american woman). Petites always looked goofy. If it fit my chest the rest would be too big, or sleeves 3 inches too long.
Turtleneck H&amp;M
Earrings qvc
Necklace Gehry for Tiffany

This is the drawstring skirt but I did elastic waist instead. Thats why its neat you customize it yourself.


Kelly said...

I think it's so awesome when people sew things themselves. I am CRAP at sewing. Even buttons get mangled.

Dave77459 said...

Sorry for seeing this late. You were adorable.

I know what an a-line hairstyle is, but what is an a-line skirt?

hillary said...

A skirt that is in the general shape of an A.

I am too. This book is great. It even gives tips on how to sew in a straight line which is where I am worst!