Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The lightblub moment

I love the movie Mermaids so much. It has Cher, Winona and Christina, you can't get much better than that. I can almost quote the movie word for word. And Joe omg JOE! In my freshman year of highschool my mom and I used to watch it everyday when I came home from school. (sadly that was 3 short years after it came out) The movie is now 19 years old and I was flipping channels and it is on. I of course am watching it. One of my bad habits is imdbing every single movie I watch. Then I read the trivia and quotes and goofs aloud to my husband during said movie. I haven't seen Mermaids in a few years (at least as long as I have known about imdb. 5 years?)

So what do I learn?
Joe? The guy. yeah THE guy? IS JAKE RYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Color my world BLOWN.

le swoon.


madam0wl, a.k.a Sandra said...

My husband and I are crazy with the IMDBing also. In fact I just went there to confirm that who I thought you meant by Jake Ryan was who I thought it was. How interesting that he has been "living quietly and handcrafting furniture" (there is a fantasy for you) with his family since the 90s...

cnd lawyerista said...

ha, I love Mermaids too. The licking the chalkboard scene! I think I saw it in the theatre more than once and definitely rented it many many times.

hillary said...

Its very reminiscent of Adian on SATC. I am STILL mad at Carrie for cheating on him.