Thursday, February 19, 2009

I wasn't tagged

But Kimberly left it open ended and said you could tag yourself. I usually wait for someone to ask me cause I fear being a oversharer and people finding me dull or trite. (funnily I don't care if you dislike me just if you find me dull)

As I was was running out the door I dumped the bag I was carrying in favor of this one. I had a cross body but I hurt my neck and back yesterday by
wait for it

carrying to much in my purse.
I was in a car accident when I was 16 and hurt my back pretty bad (never went to dr either stupidly I was too scared to tell my parents how bad it hurt) and now and then I have issues. Today I can't turn my head to the right I also have scoliosis and my lower back is misbehaving. Yes I sound like an old man (shut up dave)

So my purse is a bit of a mishmosh today cause I was trying to ONLY CARRY THE ESSENTIALS. If you know me IRL this statement is funny to you. I am known for carrying the world and it gumdrop in my purse.

Purse from the Coach Ergonomic line. I paid for it from my ladies nice things account and validated its cost cause its ERGONOMIC. to say nothing of I wanted an orange purse because I decided that was my color of the moment. My grandmother has on more than 4 occasions tried to steal this purse from me. If she knew what it cost she would NEVER LET ME LIVE IT DOWN. (ha I have more expensive ones gram :P )
Book Unbearable Lightness of Being I haven't started it yet. I grabbed it from the shelf as I was leaving as I finished a book last night. (oooh must update
Bookmark Coach. haven't started book so its free floating. Its silver and sparkly. It was a gift from Dave. He said I am one of the only people who could actually validate the cost of it by the amount I read. I had no idea Coach even made bookmarks, anything for a buck I guess.
Envirosack. You should get one. Thats an order not a suggestion. STOP the plastic bags. end of rant.
Hello kitty pen with macaroon charm, Hello kitty pad of paper with pen, hand sanitizer, USB flash drive with spy documents (oops), Pill case, Scented tissues (peach!), Key wallet, Contact lubricating drops (not to confused with eye drops that make contacts sticky) Oatmeal, Hello kitty for mac lipstick and gloss, Mean girl plastic thing with work id and T pass in it,

There would be an iFone too but I used it to take picture. :D


Anonymous said...

I love that you tagged yourself! I have hand sanitizer and reusable bags also, but I keep them in my car.

hillary said...

yeah city girls are at a HUGE disadvantage with the public transportation in terms of we have to carry everything. Bah. It annoys me sometimes cause I miss living in Florida and having 4 changes of shoes in the car. Or even wearing cute shoes out and about. When you walk 3 miles you go for comfort.

Milly said...

I didnt know they had a bookmark cute you even added a pic....oh i need to get one...and which colors did you get from the HK line?

hillary said...

I don't know if they still do I got it probably about 5 years ago.

From the hello kitty line
Big bow
most popular

she loves candy
sweet strawberry
nice kitty

then glitter eyeliner, eyepowder, blush and a eyeshadow

rabespierre said...

you should tag yourself more often --you do it well! and you're never dull. xx hilary/hermsprong